Wargods - Weigh-ins

The weigh-ins for Wargods took place today for there July 26Th event at the Fresno Convention Center. All fighters were to report to the 2nd floor of the Holiday Inn to sign-in, do a pre-weigh-in, and discuss any problems before the actual weigh-ins. From the pre-weigh-ins to the actual weigh-ins was a short walk to the banquet room of Club One Casino. It seems there was some confusion among some of the participants, as some of them drove to Club Bliss.

After a few phone calls, everyone was at the right place. Almost everyone, Jasper the head trainer for Buhawe and one of the promoters for Wargods approached one of his fighters Jorge Ruiz and told him that his opponent was running late and that he wasn't going to be able to weigh-in until the following morning. After waiting on an empty stomach, Jorge was visibly upset about the ordeal.

After contacting his opponent they informed him that he was 2 hours out, so needless to say Ruiz said he would rather wait for that. 3 hours after the scheduled weigh-ins time the fighters patience was gone, some laid down and tried not to think about how hungry they were while others talked about what they were going to eat. I know it wasn't Club Ones intentions, but the buffet of pastas that they prepared for everyone to enjoy sat undisturbed in the corner, I even saw Mike Moreno walk over and pick up the lid just to catch a glimpse of the food. Ahh the torture.

After all the paper work was done, and all the physicals were done the California Athletic Commission read through the rules as fast as they could and it was finally time for the weigh-ins. With the exception of Jorge Ruiz and his opponent Kiko Lopez, everyone weighed-in and made weight. As for Jorge I know he made weight but I didn't wait the additional 2 hours to find out if Kiko did. Here's what the fight schedule looks like and what weights they are fighting at. Remember the card is subject to change.

Under Card Fights
Jorge Acosta 155 lbs Jared Papazian
Jorge Ruiz 140 lbs Kiko Lopez
Telly Sanders 160 lbs Yobie Jacobsen
Liron Wilson 240 lbs Michael Diaz

Main Card Fights
Brandon Cash 240 lbs Ian Mort
Lavar Johnson 245 lbs Alijah Reni
Ralph Lopez 150 Tommy Boyles
James Cook 155 lbs Walter Hughes
Art Arcinega 145 lbs Tony Boyles
BJ Lacey 185 lbs Nathan James
Marcus Levesseur 155 lbs Ismael Gonzalez
Isaac De Jesus 155 lbs Leland Gridley

Main Event
Mike Moreno 175 lbs Darrin Freeman

Photography and Article by Mike Padilla

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