Wargods 4 - Valentines Eve Massacre Weigh Ins

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Ken Shamrock (226 lbs) vs Ross "The Grizzly" Clifton (395 lbs)

Mike "El Palo Duro" Moreno (187 lbs) vs Gary Padilla (185.2 lbs)

Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (262.2 lbs) vs Buddy Roberts (240.6 lbs)

Rick Roufus (182.2 lbs) vs Nate James (183.6 lbs)

Isaac De Jesus (153.3 lbs) vs Ashe Bowman (155 lbs)
"BloodyMayhem's pick for Fight of the Night"

Josh Haynes (206.2 lbs) vs Rafael Del Rio (206.4 lbs)
**Wargods is working thru the night to see if they can change this fight and have Josh Haynes fight Kyacey Uscola and find a replacement fighter for Del Rio. BloodyMayhem will post as soon as any new information is given.

Zoila Frausto (125 lbs) vs Karina Hallinan (125 lbs)

Ron Kessler (175 lbs) vs Darrin Freeman (174.2 lbs)

Tank Abbott vs Mike Bourke
**This fight still needs to get approval from the commission by tomorrow morning.

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