Wargods 4 - Valentines Eve Massacre Pics and Results

Over 150 pictures, click on any of the orange links below to take you to the particular gallery. We would also like to thank Gabriel Rodriguez for his help shooting this event; all over the cage shots are credited to him.

Another great show put on by Wargods, it seemed the fans were liking the fights as they went on. One beef I do have is the confusion involved in this event starting with the 4 hour long weigh-ins and the last minute bout changes that left 2 women fights and Cabbage's fight off the card. Other than that the event ran smoothly and I enjoyed Isaac De Jesus' dominant win over Ashe Bowman. This definitely was the fight of the night. Congratulations Isaac and we look forward to your next fight against Last Stand Fight Team's "Bushido Kid" Justin Smitley.

The most disappointing part of the night had nothing to do with the promoters, it was all Rafael Del Real who decided to run most of the second and the complete third round of his fight against Josh Haynes. If I was a promoter in the area or just any promoter for that matter, I would never ever let Rafael fight on my card because he had the entire Selland Arena boo-ing as he ran from his opponent. Last time I checked this is MMA - Mixed Martial Arts and running away is not a martial art. Enough said!

Ron Kessler vs Darrin Freeman
Kessler won by decision over the now 2-5 Freeman.

Zoila Frausto vs Karina Hallinan
Zoila took this decision victory in her professional debut over a game fighter in Karina Hallinan from Team Quest in Temecula CA. Zoila used her Muay Thai skills to kick her way into a win.

Josh Haynes vs Rafael Del Real
Haynes won by decision as Rafael ran a marathon in the cage.

Isaac De Jesus vs Ashe Bowman
De Jesus won in a dominating decision victory over a well-equipped Ashe Bowman from Ken Shamrocks Lions Den in Reno NV.

Rick Reeves vs Nate James
In this three round fight, Reeves took the first two rounds as James had no answer to Ricks offense. In the third Reeves took James' back and sunk in a rear naked choke to take the win.

Tank Abbot vs Mike Bourke
Tank did not disappoint the many fans that came to see him kick ass as he knocked out Mike Bourke 29 seconds into the first round. Hopefully Tank will get the Ken Shamrock fight they both have wanted for a long time.

Mike Moreno vs Gary Padilla
Moreno avenged his loss against Gary Padilla by winning in a dominating fashion. In the first fight, Padilla was 15-20 lbs heavier that Moreno, who had to move up a weight class the first time around. This time it was all Moreno as they both weighed in about the same and on fight not were about equal. Moreno got the best of Padilla every single round as all the judges saw it in Mike Moreno's favor.

Ken Shamrock vs Ross "The Grizzly" Clifton
The hype over the David and Goliath match was over pretty quickly as Ken landed a clean right on Clifton's chin that sent the big man crashing to the ground. Moments later while jockeying for position from side-control, "The Most Dangerous Man Alive" Ken Shamrock locked in an armbar that made Grizzly tap immediately.

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