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Fight Galleries » The Warriors Cage 5 - Fight Results

The Warriors Cage 5 - Fight Results

Eagle Mountain Casino, The Warriors Cage 5, 3 hour round trip motorcyle ride, 11 fights, 2 hours total fight time, 10 minute intermission, 5 beautiful ring girls, 5 TKO's, 4 Submissions, 2 Decisions and 1 hell of a way to spend a Thursday night. Especially since its the night before my birthday, it was a good way to usher in the added candle to the birthday cake.

The Warriors Cage 5 was another solid show and is the last show of the year for the very young promotion that is the TWC. I have to hand it to them, they had some big shoes to follow with GC leaving Porterville last year. GC was a breeding ground, and still is, for many up and coming fighters and the TWC has followed with the trend of giving opportunities to those fighters that would otherwise not be able to fight for any other promotion. The TWC has also been home to many good main and co-main event fights in its early existence and I am sure we can all expect the same if not more from the TWC in early 2010.

Tonights fights, as always, started off with a bang as the hometown favorite Dakota Bell came out swinging and exchanging with Leonard Villareal. Both opponents had a street fighter-esque style to them, but it was Dakota that landed early and big to end the fight at 27 seconds of the first round by TKO due to strikes.

Handing out the first submission of the night was Rafael "Ralph" Alvarado of Buhawe Fight Team of Fresno. Alvarado the more experienced fighter faced off with pro-debut Julio Medragon, also of Fresno. Ralph set the tone with a monster leg kick early in the fight that forced Medragon to take the bout to the ground. Once on his back, Alvarado demonstrated his experience by easily controlling Julio and finally locking in and submitting Medragon with an Kimura at 1:19 into the bout.

Josh "The Lion" Araujo quickly submitted his opponent Estevan Ceballos with an Arm Triangle. Araujo got the early takedown, mounted Ceballos and had the win in 56 seconds of the fight.

Victor Torrez also made quick work of his opponent TJ Williams, earning his win by TKO at 1:58 of the first round.

The big guys of the group, Scott Mears and Jared Davidson, gave some excitement to the crowd as both came out swinging wildly. It wasn't until Davidson got the takedown, mounted his opponent and finished off the fight by way of TKO due to strikes at 55 seconds of the first round.

Daniel Boelter and Travis Backus were back and forth in this 2 round battle. Boelter took the first round by landing early and landing clean, dropping Backus a few times and having him dazed part of the first round. In the second, Boelter looked gassed and Backus took advantage by taking Daniel to the canvas followed by some ground and pound. With this type of a fight, the judges had no choice but to call this fight a draw. Maybe the TWC will have a rematch on the next show?

In an odd fight, Marcus Bair took the victory at 1:40 of the first round after Brandon Mulliniks informed the ref Cecil Peoples that he did not want to continue. Peoples then instructed Brandon to tap if he did not want to pursue the fight any longer and Mulliniks did just that. At the time of the stoppage, Bair was mounted on Mulliniks letting loose some good ol GnP.

Tribal member David Sierra improved to 2-0 with a unanimous decision victory over Anthony Gonzalez. Sierra dominated most of the fight and the time he was on his back, Sierra took in very little damage.

Sergio Cortez put in some work while facing journeyman fighter Billy Terry. Terry was in the cage longer than most expected and put up a good fight, but Cortez' big punches eventually slowed Terry down. Early in the second round, Terry was dropped to the canvas, I believe he lost a tooth with that punch as well, and Cortez finished it off with a few more strikes. The fight was called at 1:21 of the second round, Sergio Cortez winner by TKO.

The co-main event, featuring the very well-known jiu-jitsu specialist Cleber Luciano and local favorite Tony Llamas, ended up just as I had expected. The more experienced fighter Cleber showed very easily why he is known for his known for his grappling, he waited for an opening, shot in, mounted, and sunk in a tight "Mata Leon" that forced Llamas to tap immediately. The fight was called at 54 seconds into the fight.

BJ "The Beast" Lacy and Cleber's student Felipe Foglin were the main event of the night. BJ a wrestler with good striking abilities and Felipe a very, very good submission guy. BJ never got off the blocks throwing only 1 punch before Foglin got the takedown and locked in a nasty Heel Hook that looked as if it were going to snap BJ's ankle off. Lacy tried rolling in every direction to break the hold but he finally tapped at 1:30 into the first round.

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    Dakota Bell vs Leonard Villareal

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