The Warriors Cage 4 Trauma Weigh-ins


Weigh-ins were held at one of the local hotels near the pool area. The weather wasnt too bad hovering in the 90's. One thing I did love about these weigh-ins is that they were said to start at 7pm and when they started my phone said 7:02. A much better improvement from the last weigh-ins but certainly could tighten-up a bit in certain areas but which promotion doesnt have areas to improve in their weigh-ins??

All in all I am very excited with this card, at first I was a little hesitant but now that its complete there are a handful of fights I can not wait to see.

I hope you can all make it out as we will definitely see some (t)knockouts.

Weigh In Results:

Jason Von Flue 169.5 lbs vs Marcus Gaines 170 lbs

Jaime Jara 184 lbs vs Reggie Orr 186.5 lbs

Storie 139 lbs vs Chantalle 144.75 lbs

Felipe Fogliin 184.75 lbs vs Hector Andrade 186.5 lbs

Elvis Franco 138 lbs vs Raul Sandoval 140 lbs

George Albanes 230.5 lbs vs Robert Gonzalez 260 lbs

Angel Deanda 232 lbs vs Sam Suno 195 lbs

Jewel Simpson 185 lbs vs Alfredo Ochoa 181.5 lbs

Richard McDarment 183 lbs vs Jeff Montolongo 185 lbs

Hugo Montes 154 lbs vs Nick Montgomery 154 lbs

Steven Arellano 170 lbs vs Chevo Montiez 169.5 lbs

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