The Warriors Cage 4 - Trauma - Fight Results

Porterville, CA - Thursday night is still a great night for some MMA action, at least that was the case at Eagle Mountain Casino's The Warriors Cage 4. Great promotion, phenomenal fans and even better fighters.

A 46 second T.K.O. ref stoppage opened up the night of fighting as pro-debut Chevo Montiez out of Fresno took the win and the glory from Last Stand Fight Teams Steve Arrellano who drops to 0-2. It was a fun fight and a great one to start the night, both fighters came out swinging, Chevo the smaller fighter was forced to throw more haymakers in order to get his hands in for a strike. Each fighter was dropped twice in the first round due to wild punches, it wasn't until the second round the Chevo went in for an upper-cut combo and dropped, mounted and stopped his opponent.

Hugo Montes took an early victory over the always ready to fight Nick Montgomery with a rear naked choke at 1:06 into the fight.

Alfredo Ochoa used a street fighting style to earn his first win, visibly throwing wild punches at his opponent Jewel Simpson. Both fighters, electing to keep this fight on its feet, did not back down and kept swinging. Simpson showed a strong chin in the first round taking multiple punches but he kept the fight going and was always ready to dish out some of his own attack. Ochoa looked very gassed coming out of the first round but landed a series of punches that sent Simpson to the canvas. The fight was stopped at 39 seconds of the second round.

In a fight of man vs little man, just kidding; Angel Deanda the 232 lb Last Stand fighter won an easy knockout victory over the 195 lb Sam Suno. Deanda used his weight to push Sumo around and then finally to knock him out. The fight ended at 48 seconds of the first round. A much improved Robert Gonzalez of Madera took a surprising victory over George Albanes. Both fighters traded strikes early but Gonzalez was able to throw Albanes to the ground and from side control let out an assault of punches, cutting Albanes in the face and taking the victory at 1:57 of the opening round.

Last minute add-in at the weigh-ins, Raul Sandoval stepped in for the challenge to take on Elvis Franco and he stepped in! Sandoval owned the fight from the second the bell rang. Both fighters traded early but Sandoval's ground game kept Franco from doing much damage. After multiple anaconda attempts, Sandoval finally got the submission victory with an arm-lock(kimura) at 2:02 of the second round.

Brown belt mundial champ and Grapplers Quest champ Felipe Foglin showed why he is popular. Foglin improved his un-blemished record to 3-0 after an early takedown and north-south choke over Hector Andrade at 25 seconds of the first round. I would definitely like to see Foglin return to the cage here at TWC but maybe with an opponent that has better submission defense.

The female fighters of the night, Chantalle took a victory over Storie who could not continue after the first round. Chantalle kept the pressure over the very green Storie.

Jaime Jara took no damage in his first round win over late replacement Reggie Orr. Both fighters kept in the clinch most of the round but in the end, Jara baited Reggie to go for a double-leg but as Orr went for it, Jara locked in the guillotine choke and put Orr to sleep. The bout was stopped at 2:52 into the first. Many people will be interested how Jara will fair in the next couple of months as he has a busy schedule with 3 more fights.

The main event of the evening, Jason Von Flue faced a much fresher fighter in Marcus Gaines. Von Flue a submission specialist was not able to get any submission attempt as Gaines bloodied Jason early. Blood flowed from his face but Von Flue would not give up and kept up every attempt to take Marcus to the ground. Gaines had a great game-plan which was to keep the fight on its feet and it worked. In the second round with Von Flue on his back, Gaines sent 4 well aimed blows to Jason's abdomen and after the last one Von Flue grabbed what seemed to be his ribs and tapped out. The fight ended at 58 seconds of the second round.

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