The Warriors Cage 3 - Fracture Fight Results


The Warriors Cage 3 - Fracture got off without any major issues and all 12 fights made it through the night. Eagle Mountains Casino packed the house (tent) with great MMA fans that knew when to cheer for a great bout (cortez v. lopez) and boo when it counted (hayes v. baggio).

With Fight of The Night going to CJ Keith vs Mauricio Mejia with Keith coming out the winner after 3 non-stop rounds of action. Knockout of the Night went to Sergio Cortez who pulled out a come from behind knockout victory over his opponent Juan Lopez at 2:58 seconds into the round. Submission of the Night was a first for me to witness in an MMA match. My hats off to Andy Macoron for giving us the "Super Guard" submission win over David Ramirez at 46 seconds into the fight. TWC gave the fans a little of everything this time around with knockouts, submissions, decisions, boring fights and great actors.

Starting off the night was Juan Jimenez's Majority Decision win over Luke Davis. Davis gave a great battle but Jimenez seemed to edge out every round. Andy Macoron gave us a spectacular finish with a submission win over David Ramirez with a Super Guard.

In the battle of the pro debuters Ruben Gil of Madera CA defeated his opponent Damien Luna of Coalinga in 2:19 of the first round by TKO. Both fighters came out swinging but Ruben showed better conditioning and landed cleaner shots. Keeping in tune with TKO ref stoppages, Ray Cervera stopped his opponent David Willington at 2:28 of the first round. Estevan Ceballos TKO'd the much lighter Brandon Mulliniks at 2:14 into the fight.

Earning the Knockout of the Night, Sergio Cortez landed some huge punches that sent Juan Lopez to the canvas for good. Losing most of the bout, Cortez swung for the fences and took home the "W".

Chris Sanchez also won by TKO at 55 seconds into the bout over Chris Salazar.

It seems that in the last couple of shows here in the Central Valley there have been many "Acting Awards" to be given and TWC had one as well in the Joaquin Sanchez vs Rafael Del Real bout. Very early in the first round Sanchez seemed to have had Del Real hurt on the ground and as Sanchez continued on with his ground and pound, those close to the cage heard Rafael yell out "I can’t see!" or "My Knee!" several times within a 5 second period. Which I would consider a verbal tap if the fighter is complaining about being hurt and cannot continue. Well after about 10 seconds from the complaints, Sanchez landed a few illegal elbows to the head of Del Real that didn’t seem to be too vicious but indeed illegal. Del Real sensing this was his moment to shine in the fight, and knowing he was hurt from the ground and pound earlier, decided to say the strikes to the head were too much and could not continue. Del Real won by disqualification. The last 3 fights I have seen of Del Real there has been some sort of controversy or booing of some sort. He could not continue during the "Rhino" fight after getting "kneed to the groin", he ran away from his opponent, literally, on all three rounds of his fight at the Wargods 4 event against Josh Haynes and now this. I see a pattern . . . don't you?

Nick Gennoe took down his opponent Julio "Bubba" Diaz multiple times during their 2 round battle that most thought was a 3 round fight. Gennoe won by Unanimous Decision.

Paul Estrada dominated his opponent Jason Drake from start to finish until finally submitting Drake with a choke at 2:15 into the first round.

CJ Keith won every round for a Unanimous Decision victory over the injured Mauricio Mejia. I am not saying the outcome would have been different if Mejia had not jacked up his knee on Tuesday but I think the fans would have gotten a much more exciting fight. Good job to CJ for improving to 5-0.

The anticipated fight of the night Andre "The Giant" (as I will nickname him) Baggio vs Aaron Hayes, 2 big heavyweights failed to give us the fireworks we all expected. Baggio proved to us that being big doesn’t mean you will rip heads off, his muscles used up too much oxygen and gassed him out. Aaron Hayes was either too timid or had no way around Baggio's big arms that he used as a shield. Either way not very exciting, Aaron Hayes pulled off the Decision victory.

Special Thanks To: Loren, Robert De La Rosa, Vance, Ryan and Jade Garfield, and the staff at Don Vino's for a great meal during the weigh-ins the food was excellent! Sorry if we missed you, it’s about 2:30am and I am super tired. See you guys at the next show! Keep showing us love.

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