The Warriors Cage 2 - Dead Man's Hand Weigh Ins

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The stage is set for one of the year’s most anticipated fights, Justin Smitley and Isaac De Jesus both made their respected weights at 145 lbs. An outdoor patio at a local restaurant was a great venue to host the weigh-ins, especially with the heat wave we experienced today in the Valley. 11 fights are scheduled for tomorrow night’s card at the Eagle Mountain Casino.

The only hiccup occurred during the weigh-in for the Jason Drake vs Sergio Quinones bout. Both fighters made weight for the fight, the only issue was both fighters cut for a different weight class. Jason Drake is a known 155 lb fighter and Quinones is a 145er. They each claimed to have had the fight setup at their respected weight class but the promoters themselves did not know the set weight either. This all comes down to the promoters being better prepared with contracts. This all could have been resolved if the fighters would have had a signed contract in front of them weeks before the fight and not have to wait till the day of the weigh in to see their fight purse or the weight class they are fighting in. And this is not to bash on the promoters, it is strictly a learning experience and this is only their second show.

Speaking of which, The Warriors Cage is only on their second show and have already created some big noise with this main event. I have been super excited since the moment I heard this fight was going to be signed. I have to give it the Loren and the people at TWC because many promotions do not get the opportunity to sign such a great fight at an early stage. Bushido Kid Justin Smitley and Isaac De Jesus are animals and will put on a great show. The animosity they have towards each other is something you see in a scripted fight scene and they showed in at the weigh-ins. I believe tickets are still available and if you do not have yours get them now! You will be witnessing one of the top fights of the year.

Kimo Baron (213 lbs) vs Dashie Salas (232 lbs)

Ritchard McDermont (204 lbs) vs Josh Braun (231 lbs)

Scott Mears (216 lbs) vs Kenny Clifford (224.5 lbs)

Tony Vera (235 lbs) vs Anthony Fuller (271 lbs)

Joaquin Santos (224 lbs) vs Luie Perez (217 lbs)

Mauricio Mejia (186.5 lbs) vs Kyle Keels (185 lbs)

David Sierra (163 lbs) vs Mikey Gerola (156 lbs)

Tony Llamas (156 lbs) vs Nick Montgomery (153 lbs)

Paul Estrada (155 lbs) vs Joaquin Balassar (154 lbs)

Main Event

Isaac De Jesus (146.5 lbs) vs Justin Smitley (144.5 lbs)

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