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Porterville CA – The Warriors Cage put on their second ever mixed martial arts show on Sunday March 29, 2009 in front of a sold out crowd. Everyone gathered in anticipation for what was to be one of the biggest match-ups of the year, Smitley vs De Jesus. 12 bouts completed the card for TWC Dead Man’s Hand and all of them had action. For being such a young promotion, TWC has been doing a decent job with the match-ups. I have been excited to attend both their shows and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

In some pre-fight tension, there were some words exchanged in the locker rooms/tents between the main event camps when Buhawe Fighter Lavar Johnson walked in towards Justin Smitley’s camp and both camps began some trash talking. It is not known who started what but it got somewhat heated. For a moment I thought we were going to have the main event in the back of the venue but both sides were able to calm down and go back to their designated areas. It was a little un-called for to have someone go into your locker room and began yelling obscenities when the main event fighters are trying to focus for their fight. Maybe TWC needs to add more security in the locker room as I saw one tiny female security guard monitoring the back.

All in all, it was a good show and I look forward to the next one and I am anxious to find out who the next main event will be.

Bloody Mayhem would love to thank, Loren Lenares, Robert De La Rosa, Renee and the rest of the TWC staff. I personally would like to thank Ryan and Jade Garfield for their enjoyable conversations and also for allowing me to sit by them while they listen to my MMA antics for the second straight show. Thanks and it’s always a pleasure.

Bloody Mayhem would also like to send a special thanks to Neal and Tina Peyron for all their help and support. Thanks and we really appreciate all the love and support.

The Warriors Cage 2 Fight Results

Kimo Baron vs Dashie Salas
Dashie Salas wins the opening Grudge Match bout with a T.K.O. stoppage of Kimo Baron 2:35 into the first round by way of strikes.

Mikey Gerola vs David Sierra
David Sierra wins a unanimous decision victory over Mikey Gerola. Both fighters came out swinging wildly as one would expect from an Eagle Mountain Casino ‘Grudge Match’, but it was Sierra who landed more strikes to take the win.

Josh Braun vs Ritchard McDermont
In a rare finale for the TWC, this fight ended in a draw. Each fighter won a round in this stand up battle.

Chris Tangenan vs Jeff Creager
A late addition to the card, Chris Tangenan won his bout 1:06 into the fight by way of ground and pound. Tangenan was the more technical fighter and went for an immediate takedown followed by a full mount that led the way to the ref stoppage.

Kenny Clifford vs Scott Mears
In one of only 2 submissions of the night Scott Mears won by Rear Naked Choke 1:35 into the first round forcing Clifford to tap.

Anthony Fuller vs Tony Vera
In an exciting one round fight Tony Vera won a fight by T.K.O. Fuller was winning the fight with straight 1-2’s but with only a few seconds left, Vera connected a wide punch that sent Fuller to the canvas. Moments later following a few punches from Vera, the ref stopped the fight at 2:57 into the first round.

Louie Perez vs Joaquin Santos
Perez proved to be the quicker fighter as his punches landed much more easily than Joaquin Santos strikes. 1:44 into the fight the ref stopped the bout after many unanswered strikes by Perez.

Kyle Keels vs Mauricio Mejia
Mauricio Mejia forced his opponent to tap out after some ground and pound action on the ground. The fight was stopped at 2:42 in the first round.

Nick Montgomery vs Tony Llamas
In a one-sided fight Tony Llamas dominated his opponent Nick Montgomery early in the first round. Llamas got the early takedown and worked for position until he had both of Montgomery’s arms trapped. Shortly after a barrage of elbows was unloaded on Montgomery that opened up two cuts and forced the ref to stop the fight.

Steve Arrellano vs CJ Keith
CJ Keith improved to 4-0 after a super decisive win over pro debut Steve Arellano. The very dominant pankration fighter, Arrellano, seemed to have bit off more than he can chew going after a 3-0 fighter for his pro debut or maybe it was a bad decision by his camp? Either way CJ won the three round decision in a dominant manner.

Joaquin Balassa vs Paul Estrada
In the Co-Main event of the evening, submission specialist Paul Estrada tapped out Joaquin Balassa mid-way thru the first round with an vicious arm-bar. Balassa making his MMA debut had nothing in his arsenal to defend against an attempted omoplata, several triangle chokes and finally an arm-bar that nearly broke Joaquin’s arm.

Justin Smitley vs Isaac De Jesus
The Main Event of the night featured two well trained individuals coming from much respected camps, Last Stand Fight Team and Buhawe MMA Camp. The fight was more hype than action as both combatants respected each other’s strengths too much that they forgot to bring much action in the second and third round. Both were afraid of making a mistake and having the other guy capitalize on it. It was a stand-up battle from start to finish with Smitley winning the first round and De Jesus taking the second and third rounds. Although, Justin "Bushido Kid" did suffer a broken right foot in the first round when one of his kicks was checked by De Jesus and hit Isaac's shin. I am sure it played a part in the rest of the fight but it is after all a fight and things like this happen but overall it was a good fight with two great fighters, in the end Isaac landed just enough strikes to get the win. This win gives Isaac a good boost to his rising stock. The fight gives Bushido Kid a second straight loss. He must tread lightly from here on out as another loss will put him in the journeyman category, a position he would not want to be in at an early age of 23.Props go out to both fighters for putting on a show despite what some of the people in the crowd thought. Hope to see you guys hitting the gym hard, can not wait to see what is next for the both of you.

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