The Return of The Black Superman - Lavar Johnson

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Lavar Johnson is one of the toughest heavy weights to come out of the Central Valley. From Madera, California, this 6'2" beast of a man known as, "The Black Superman" or Lavar "Big" Johnson, has stunned opponents with his heavy hands and decapitating uppercuts. Johnson began his fighting career with the Tough Man competition. It was at a friends house where Johnson heard a radio commercial that was advertising the Tough Man event. Johnson had turned to his friend sitting next to him and asked him, "Do you think I should do that?" Five minutes later he hung up the phone and said to his friend, "I fight next week." Five months after his Tough Man debut and conquering all his bouts by knock out, he is an MMA fighter. His first MMA bout was against Doug "The Rhino" Marshall. "I didn't train for that fight," Lavar said. Just like he did not train for his Tough Man fights, but he still managed to win. "The only thing I would do was hit the bag," said Johnson.

We all know how the fight ended. The "Rhino" came out the victor, in what many believed to have been a controversial bout. Lavar was on the receiving end of the four low blows to the knees that were in question. The "Rhino" contested that they were unintentional and blamed it on Lavar's height. Whatever the reason, Johnson's corner felt he could not continue and stopped the fight after he received the fourth low blow. Whether it was the low blows, the lack of training, or a combination of the two, it was a great learning experience for Lavar. "You have to take it seriously, you have to get in there(the gym) and train," Johnson said. Learning from his first fight and determined not to repeat the loss, Lavar had seven undisputed wins. Six of those wins ending in the first round, which established him as a legitimate fighter in the heavy weight division. At WEC 18 "Unfinished Business," Lavar faced off with tough heavyweight contender, Brian Olsen. During the bout, he suffered a career ending knee injury and his second loss.

Everyone said the injury was to severe and would be difficult to try to get back in the cage.

That was two years ago. Can this former human wrecking machine make a come back? Lavar is confident he can do just that. I asked him how his knee was doing and he replied, "It's doing good, I can't wait to get out there and put it to somebody's skull." After two years out of the cage (or ring), Lavar did not waste any time. He just signed a four fight deal with the PFC and is fighting at Wargods on July 26Th at the Fresno Convention Center.

I asked about his training schedule and he said, "I am a full-time fighter, I train all day. I plan on fighting a few bouts this year for Wargods and the PFC and next year take it to Affliction or the UFC." With that statement, it's clear he has confidence not only in himself but in his knee. I asked if there was anyone in particular he wanted to fight and he replied "I would like to fight everyone out there once. I would like to fight Brian Olsen again."

I know there is a fans who would love to see that match up, including us here at Bloody Mayhem. But I'm sure that Christian, the PFC President, already has that in mind for the future or some equally entertaining bouts. Does Lavar have a message for future opponents? Yes... "Loser buys the first round." It is not clear who will be his first opponent at this time, but with Lavar's determination I don't think it will matter. I just hope they don't try to "Kimbo him" (phrase coined by Daniel Gil, 2008) and match-up sub-par opponents just to give him the win. We will have to wait and see.

But one thing is certain- The Black Superman has returned!

Article by Mike Padilla and Daniel Gil
Photography Mike Padilla
Even though Daniel coined the phrase mentioned above; it belongs to due to his very restrictive contract. :)

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