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This Friday's PFC 10 card is very stacked with great fighters and match-ups and we were able to interview a few of them. On our first motorcycle trip last week we went out toThe Garage in Porterville, where trainer Paul Estrada teaches some of the sickest ground submissions I have ever seen. All you have to do is watch his students compete and you will know what I am talking about. Two of Estrada's fighters, Joe Soto and PFC World Bantamweight Champion Shawn Klarcyk (Shawns interview to follow), will be competing this Friday night.

I first saw Joe at the Grappling X event a few months back and he had to grapple against many fighters. Of those fighters, included a heavyweight in the final match to claim his victory in a division that had no weight classes, just competitors, in the Absolute Division. Soto trains like any other champion-bound fighter, full-time in The Garage. "The Garage" literally is in a garage located in Paul Estrada's house.

Joe, who is a promising young fighter on the rise, had his pro debut in 2006 against Jared Williams at the Gladiator Challenge 53 and won by strikes by T.K.O. Since then, Joe had a couple of issues with the law that hindered his MMA career, but like a true fighter he did not give up. He overcame this obstacle and continued to wrestle while attending Central Iowa City College for two years. Despite the repercussions of his past, Soto was able to gain the number one National Ranking for Central Iowa's wrestling team. Soto was an All-American both years but failed to bring home a national championship (third place his freshman year and second in his sophomore year), but is now determined to carry his wrestling success with him onto the MMA world. At PFC 9, he competed for only the second time against a seasoned Darren Crisp (4-2) of Visalia. Most guys would shy away from a fighter like Crisp for their second MMA fight but Joe Soto is notlike most guys. “I heard Crisp is a good Jiu-Jitsu fighter but also heard that he doesn’t hit too hard, I know he will try to take me down but I hope I can pound it out."

At PFC 9, Soto made quick work of Crisp and finished him off easily in the first round with a knee bar. " I will fight anyone they put in front of me.” It is true, he will take on anyone. Soto is set to face Brandon Jinnies of Stockton at PFC 10, this Friday night. I asked, his trainer Estrada, how he felt Joe would do in his fight, Estrada replied, “I expect him to finish it fast, he is good on the ground and expect him to take it down and end it quick.” After seeing him win several matches very easily at Grappling X and other grappling tournaments, all I can say is, I hope his opponents are not taking him lightly because Joe Soto is a well-rounded fighter and looks hungry to earn his third victory. I wish both fighters the best in the match and I hope both are ready. This fight onlyenhances the great card that PFC is offering this Friday . I hope everyone has their tickets to PFC 10; this show has one of the best cards I have seen from PFC in a long, long time, I am talking about back in the WEC days. PFC 9 was a great card but PFC 10 is looking a lot stronger.

Shawn Klarcyk is very busy these days working construction in the Sacramento area and finds time around his schedule to train and make it home on weekends to train in Porterville with his teamates. Currently Shawn is the PFC World Bantamweight Champ by taking the earning the belt in his last match left vacant by undefeated phenom Rolando "The Machine" Velasco. Klarcyk will be defending his title against Tulare fighter Brandon Miller of Kings Knights. This will be a great match-up for both fighters as both are experienced and ready to take their careers to the next level.

Klarcyk interview to follow (if Paul can get Shawn's # in time, j/k take your time)
I wish Joe Soto all the best on his fight and would like to thank him, Shawn Klarcyk, Paul Estrada, and The Garage for taking time from their busy schedule to interview with us.

Article Written by Daniel Gil
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