Tachi Palace Fighting 1/2?

Lemoore, CA – The day started off like any other day in July, HOT! I decided to ride my motorcycle to Tachi Palace and quickly realized why the air conditioner and car were invented. It was over 100 degrees and the ride there sucked but the hour long ride back was pleasant with a cool 80 degrees. Well, that was normal. The strange part of the day was when we were asked to call these fights not by the name we have been calling them for years but now by a new name, Tachi Palace Fighting. Whether it is permanent will remain to be seen and hopefully the casino will clear things up quick as the rumor mill is at full swing right now.

Before we move on to the 5 MMA fights of the half boxing half MMA show I would like to congratulate Manuel Quezada for his devastating knockout win over Travis Walker at 2:58 into the first round. Even I was surprised on how well the fight went for him. Congrats!

Now, opening up the night of MMA was Brandon “B-LO” Lorenz who connected a short right that sent Ultimate Fitness fighter Mark Mathews to the canvas. Mathews looked completely out of it after the blow and the ref called the bout at 2:39 into the fight.

Sergio Quinones received another win with a victory over Chris Sanchez who seemed way out of his league. Quinones submits Sanchez with an arm-triangle at 1:54 into the first round.

Cody Gibson gets a T.K.O. win over a gassed out Dustin Rocha who did not want to continue in the second round. The ref called a halt to the bout at 42 secs of the second round.

In the Battle of the Shawn’s, Shawn Bias edged out a Majority Decision win over P’Villes Shawn Klarcyk. In my eyes the fight could have gone either way and maybe should have resulted in a draw. Klarcyk went for submission after submission with multiple knee-bars and arm-bars and Bias kept getting out of them. Bias kept busy in Klarcyks guard and Klarcyk went for a submission every chance he got. At one point in the second round Klarcyk seemed to have Bias in a good arm-bar but rather than tap Bias began to drop multiple illegal knees to Klarcyks head. Ref Jason McCoy called a time-out and deducted a point from Bias.

This was the best fight of the night as both fighters were busy every second of the bout. One thing I would love to see is for Klarcyk to develop a striking game that would make him a complete and dangerous fighter. As of now, his striking still needs a lot of work and is easy to read. Good luck to both fighters and I would not mind seeing a rematch.

In the final bout of the night, Chad Mendes lands a huge right hand right off the bell and sends Steven Siler crashing to the ground. Siler quickly recovered but a few moments later was back on the canvas following another monstrous right by Mendes. The fight was called at 44 seconds of the first round. Mendes is now 4-0 and has improved on every one of his fights. I cannot wait to see him in the ring/cage again, maybe against the recent Bellator Champ Joe Soto????? Or quite possibly against Justin Smitley. Let’s see what our friends at Tachi Palace Fighting put on for us next.

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