Shawn Klarcyk vs Shawn Bias

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In the Battle of the Shawn’s, Shawn Bias edged out a Majority Decision win over P’Villes Shawn Klarcyk. In my eyes the fight could have gone either way and maybe should have resulted in a draw. Klarcyk went for submission after submission with multiple knee-bars and arm-bars and Bias kept getting out of them. Bias kept busy in Klarcyks guard and Klarcyk went for a submission every chance he got. At one point in the second round Klarcyk seemed to have Bias in a good arm-bar but rather than tap Bias began to drop multiple illegal knees to Klarcyks head. Ref Jason McCoy called a time-out and deducted a point from Bias. This was the best fight of the night as both fighters were busy every second of the bout. One thing I would love to see is for Klarcyk to develop a striking game that would make him a complete and dangerous fighter. As of now, his striking looks amateur-ish and is easy to read. Good luck to both fighters and I would not mind seeing a rematch.

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