Shawn Bias Returns - The Palace Aug 21, 2008

Lemoore, Ca - The Palace - Great show at the Palace, four entertaining MMA bouts followed the nights boxing event this Thursday the 21st of August. There were eight so-so boxing matches that again felt like they were overshadowed by the good match-ups that were in place for the MMA bouts. We would like to start off by saying congratulations to Shawn Bias for his win and for his hard work and dedication he put into his comeback. Once again it was a good showing and for those of you not wanting to put up with boxing fights in order to see the MMA fights that occur immediately after, is missing out on some exciting MMA action. It’s well worth the wait and Richard Goodman and Christian Printup always try to have even match ups for the MMA bouts. Hope to see you guys out there next time. Also, be ready for PFC on September 26th, the card is already making out to be a phenomenal show.

Shawn Bias (13-6) v Marcus Blood (2-4)
Marcus Blood had a lot of heart in this fight and a great guard defense. Bias went in for the early take down but struggled to get passed Marcus’ legs. Towards the end of the first round, Bias made it over Blood’s legs and got to his side-mount and with some ground and pound transitioned into Marcus Blood’s back. From here Shawn Bias unloaded a few punches, shortly after the ref noticed Blood stop defending himself and he stopped the fight. Bias wins his first fight back at 2:58 of the first round by T.K.O.

Tito Jones (5-2) v Hussein Rousali (0-1)
As an outmatched and outclassed pro debut, Hussein Rousali out of Sacramento did not stand much of a chance over the more experienced and well-versed fighter Tito Jones. Rousali made some good take down attempts but Jones’ sprawl was much superior and fended off every attempt. At 2:02 of the first round Jones got a take down of his own, got Hussein’s back, flattened him out and put him to sleep with a Rear Naked Choke. The ref stopped the bout giving Tito Jones a win after a tough loss against Fresno’s Casey Olsen.

Lavar Johnson (8-3) v Sal Farnetti (3-2)
Wanting to prove his recent loss against Alijah Reni was a fluke, Lavar “Big” Johnson stepped into the ring facing a lot of demons and did just that with a quick win over a less seasoned fighter in Sal Farnetti out of Bakersfield. Lavar got the T.K.O. win at 2:14 into the first round. Some things that should be pointed out is Lavar’s ground work, it looked sub-par and has a lot of room for improvement. I hope he gets the training he needs and becomes a true Mixed Martial Art fighter because this game is not like it was in 2004. I would like to see him do big things with his career but I believe he needs to improve all-around. Good job on your first win back, keep it going.

Rocky Molina (1-2) v James Rodriguez (1-1)
This fight went the distance and could have gone either way. James Rodriguez was landing some big wild shots but was lacking on the ground and Rocky Molina performed while on the canvas but was just short on his stand-up. In the end the judges saw it in Rocky Molina’s favor giving him his first ever win and by Unanimous Decision.

Article by Daniel Gil - Photography by Ivan Diaz

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