Rumble In The Park - Results and Breakdowns

Cage Combat put on one of the best shows if not the best this year in Fresno. The fight card was solid; the entire arena was sold out with many standing room only tickets being sold. The marketing was done right and Friday night proved that Fresno is ready to take MMA on as its newest attraction. I hope the Cage Combat guys, Todd and Tully Middendorp, decide to come back over and over again. The next planned Cage Combat event is being set for November 1st here in Fresno CA. If you were one of the few that missed out on the show please get your tickets early the next time these guys are in town, you will not be disappointed. Bloody Mayhem would like to thank Cage Combat for there patience in working with us (phenomenal show guys, keep bringing it back in town), MMA Elite Apparel (Fresno's Best MMA apparel and equipment store) for always giving us support, and to Triumph United (Hans and Ryan Loco and there sick clothing line) for bringing Jason "Mayhem" Miller to Fresno and showing us some love (hope to work together in future collaborations).

Andy Miranda v Francisco Loredo In the first fight of the night, Andy Miranda came out swinging and landed a clean left that sent Francisco Laredo to the ground. It took the ref and paramedics about a minute to bring Loredo back into consciousness. The fight ended by K.O. 9 seconds into the first round giving Andy a solid win.

Jose Diaz v Ted Van Roll Ted Van Roll makes Jose Diaz tapout after gaining side control and pounding away at Diaz' ribcage. Van Roll wins at 2:07 of the first round.

Pete Sierra v Moses Lira Moses Lira earns the quickest knockout of the night by connecting with a huge right hand to Sierra's chin. Moses Lira wins by K.O. 8 seconds into the fight.

Jesse Bowen v Elvis Franco Both fighters exchange early, after a solid punch by Bowen, Franco goes for and gets the takedown. After both fighters jockey for position, Jesse Bowen is able to lock in a triangle from his back and tapout Elvis Franco 1:31 into the first round.

Bobby Clearly v Ky Hollenbeck Ky Hollenbeck wins by submission 2:04 into the first round by way of an arm bar. While on his back, Ky sends an up-kick to Clearly's chin and stuns him. Bobby falls down into Hollenbeck’s guard where Hollenbeck is able to transition to the arm bar.

Buddy Roberts v Rafael Del Real Buddy Roberts out skills his opponent with his shear power. Quickly striking and taking his opponent to the ground then positioning himself on Rafael's back. From there Roberts let loose a series of punches that forced Rafael to tap at 29 seconds of the first round.

Rolando Velasco v David Espinosa I predicted and said it all week that this fight was going to be the fight of the night and I have to tell you that these two warriors proved me right. Rolando Velasco and David Espinosa should be congratulated and given a bonus for the fight they put on tonight. In the first round both fighters came out with the heart of a lion and intent to kill. David Espinosa landed the biggest shots of the night in this round and almost had the belt around his waist. Rolando being the champion that he is did not back down or quit when he was stunned and dropped several times in the round. If it were any other fighter the fight would have been over. "The Machine" kept working to survive the round and eventually did. The next two rounds Rolando dominated by getting early take downs and never letting Espinosa get a chance at letting his hands go. Espinosa showed a great guard defense as Velasco was not able to do much damage from the mount and side-mount positions. At the end of the fight all three judges scored the bout 28-28 giving the first round to David Espinosa at 10-8 while the next two were given to Velasco 10-9. Once again, my hat is off to both of these true champions and I definitely can not wait for the rematch.

Casey Olsen v Aaron Miller In the Co-Main Event of the evening Casey Olsen needed only one round to put away his opponent Aaron Miller. Both fighters traded punches early but Casey followed up with two good double leg take downs that he used to slam Miller to the ground. After using the rest of the allotted 5 minutes, Olsen moved around for better positioning until he finally locked in an arm-triangle choke. Casey Olsen declared he winner by tapout 4:40 in the first round.

Matt Major v Shonie Carter The Main Event had all the right stuff to hype up the fight, two exciting fighters, one with a long MMA record known to all as "Mr. International" and the other a budding star in the MMA world, Matt Major. The pre-fight weigh-ins, the face-off and the interviews were all exciting but when it came time for the fight it was all but exciting. Shonie Carter's unorthodox style of fighting proved to frustrate Matt at times. Both hesitated to punch or kick. It seemed that Carter pursued the fight more than Major and landed cleaner punches throughout the 3 round fight. Matt Major was heard saying "he's too funky," after the fight talking about Shonie Carter's style of fighting. Even the Tapout guys that showed up, to support their sponsored fighter Matt Major, were so disappointed in their fighter’s performance that they decided to leave their cage-side seats minutes before announcer Tyson Johnson announced the winner. In the end the judges saw it in Matt Major’s favor, although most fans in the amphitheater saw it in Shonie Carter's favor. Carter, not liking the judges’ decision, stormed out of the cage as soon as it was announced.

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