Rumble In The Park 2 - Fight Results and Pics

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    Gabriel Solorio v Osmar Delima

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    Mike Craddock v Eric Castle

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    Telly Sanders v Moses Lira

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    Teddy Van Roll vs Eli Moreno

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    David Espinoza vs Anthony Figueroa

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    Jeremiah Metcalf vs Brian Warren

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    Jason Von Flue vs Kyle Pimentel

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    Casey Olson vs Tony Boyles

In a great night of action that started off with a little bit of sunshine and ended with a little bit of rain, Cage Combat pleased the fans again with the return of Rumble in the Park 2. I love the amphitheatre's location and setup and even with the bit of rain that came in towards the end of the card, the venue is still a great place to hold live MMA action. Tully and Todd keep bringing the show back its fun, exciting and always great action.

The night's bouts went like this:

Gabriel Solorio (1-2) v Osmar Delima (1-0)

In the first fight of the night, Osmar Delima of Team USA out of San Francisco defeated Gabriel Solorio of Team Voodoo out of Turlock with a guillotine choke. Solorio tapped 1:01 into the first round.

Eric Castle (2-2) v Mike Craddock (2-4)

In the controversial fight of the night, Eric Castle defeated Mike Craddock at 2:27 into the first round by way of an arm bar. It was controversial because Craddock argued that he never tapped and the ref' response was that he heard a noise coming from Craddock. After some discussion between the Ref and the California State Athletic Commission the fight was declared over and Eric Castle was the winner. In Craddock' defense, from where I was sitting it did not seem like he tapped or Castle had a good arm bar in, but that' just the way things go sometimes. We deal with them and continue on with the next fight.

Telly Sanders (3-1) v Moses Lira (1-2)

Telly Sanders of Team Buhawe in Fresno defeated Moses Lira of Last Stand fight team of Merced/Oakdale MMA. This fight went to the third round with Telly Sanders just edging Lira in the first two rounds to lead the fight. In the third both fighters seemed exhausted, Lira more so than Sanders. Telly came out with an early takedown and 2:22 into the third and final round Sanders worked for position with strikes, Sanders then got Lira' back and attempted a rear naked choke that almost submitted Moses. Soon after Sanders relied on his striking and while mounted on Lira' back, unleashed several blows to Moses Lira' head that he could not defend. The ref had no choice but to stop the bout. Telly Sanders winner by T.K.O. due to strikes in the third round.

Eli Moreno (4-5) v Teddy Van Roll

In what had to be the bout of the night, Eli Moreno and Teddy Van Roll gave the fans a great fight to cheer for. In all three round both fighters gave it their all going back in forth. The first round I gave it to Van Roll as he was able to take Eli down more often and snuck in a few more punches. The second was easily Moreno's as he attempted a few submissions and took Teddy down and added some ground and pound but Van Roll was able to finish the round strong with some serious striking in the last 10 seconds o f the round. Beginning the third round both fighters looked physically tired and drained with Moreno seemingly having a little bit more juice. Early in the third and final round both fighters clinched with Eli getting in a guillotine choke that Van Roll was unable to break out of and had to tap. The ref stopped the bout at 44 seconds into the third round.

Anthony Figueroa (4-4) v David 'Kid Dynamite' Espinoza (6-2-1)

David Espinoza fighting out of Pacific Martial Arts in Fresno claimed the Cage Combat Bantamweight World Championship Belt by tapping out Anthony Figueroa with a rear naked choke at 1:07 in the first round. Espinoza out-matched his opponent taking him down and taking his back with ease. David followed up with a body triangle and later with his submission. It was a quick but exciting bout.

Jeremiah Metcalf (10-6) v Brian 'Unbreakable' Warren (10-11-1)

Jeremiah Metcalf retained his Cage Combat Welterweight World Championship Belt by defeating Brian Warren 1:16 into the first round. Metcalf came out striking and took Warren down to the ground early. Following some crazy ground and pound Metcalf worked his position until he took Brian' back and sunk in a rear naked choke to end the fight.

Kyle Pimentel (6-0) v Jason Live Wire Von Flue (13-12-1)

Jason Von Flue of Fresno stepped into the cage against Kyle Pimentel and undefeated young prospect. Pimentel sporting a newly bleach dyed Mohawk had his hands full tonight against the veteran Von Flue. The first round was up in the air as both fighters made their mark by throwing kicks, punches and getting their own takedowns. Von Flue seemed to have the fight in the bag as he stunned and dropped Kyle early with a wide left hook. Jason pounced on Pimentel and tried for a guillotine choke but somehow Pimentel managed to escape. This was probably the most exciting round of the entire night. Early in the second round Pimentel changed his game plan and opened up the round with some vicious kicks. All it took were two of those kicks to land on Jason' left side (liver shots) and Von Flue wanted no more as he tapped following a few punches by Kyle after the kicks. Kyle Pimentel moves on to 6-0 after winning by T.K.O. 29 seconds into the second round.

Tony Boyles (4-4) v Casey The Underdog Olson (10-2)

The main event of the evening was between Tony Boyles and Fresno's Casey Olson. Not much action as Casey made quick work of his opponent taking him down to the canvas and jockeying for position. 2:28 into the round Olson cinched in an arm triangle that forced Tony Boyles to tap. Olson loves that arm triangle as that was his choice of submission in his last appearance at Rumble in the Park 1.

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