PureCombat Home Turf Fight Results

Visalia, CA - The crowd that showed up at PureCombat got there money's worth. Submissions, decisions and the worlds quickest knockout? Great night for fighting and all we have to do now is wait for he second round of the 155 lb tournament.

Pro debut Mike Guidry earns an 11 second knockout victory over Ron Carter of Underground Fight Team. Martin "Tarzan" Sandoval wins every round on his way to a T.K.O. victory in 45 seconds of the third round over his opponent Mitch Wykoff. Sandoval was landing quicker punches and seemed to be too much for Wykoff. Sandoval improves to 4-1 and is on a 4-fight win streak.

Tim Denham of Valley Fight Club loses a tough one by T.K.O. against Team Live Wire's Anthony Vidal

Marc De La Cruz improves to 4-3 with a win over Cody Canterbury via triangle choke.

An exhausted Justin Cummings catches a vicious knee in the second round and gets stopped via T.K.O. by Josh McCartney

Darren crisp won an easy 3 round unanimous decision (30-27) over a much lighter fighter in Jared Papazian. Jared normally fights at 145 lbs but was called on last week to be a fill-in fighter for the 155 lb tournament.

In a fight that could have gone either way, Doug Hunt pulled out the decision victory over Joey Cabesas. Both fighters were going back and forth, Joey with his striking and Doug with his takedowns.

Zoila Frausto extends her recored to 3-0 showing more signs of improvements utilizing more of her hands than her leg kicks. Frausto won 29-28 over the pro-debut Lean Jenkins of Hanford.

Phil Perez loses a tough one against Jesse Bowen who is on a 5-fight win streak. Both fighters came out swinging, each showing some different combinations. Bowen is able to take Phil down and in the process locked in a triangle choke that forced Perez to tap at 4:52 into the first round.

This might be a record for the quickest knockout in MMA as Dangerous Steve Ramirez knocks out his opponent Darvin Watree in only 3 seconds. Thats right, I said 3 second K.O. Ramirez threw a huge over-hand right and landed clean on Darvins chin. Watree was out cold and the ref stopped the bout.

Anthony "A-Train" Ruiz drops Gan "The Giant" McGee in the 3rd and final round of their bout. McGee had a good gameplan of using his weight to tire Ruiz out but Ruiz just needed to get close enough to land a few punches. Anthony saw the opportunity and landed some very nice strikes that send Gan McGee to the canvas.

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