PureCombat Backyard Brawl Results

Tulare Ca - The south valley was the place to be this weekend with 9 exciting MMA bouts taking place. PureCombat choose the Tulare Ag Center as their backdrop for their first mixed martial arts show of the year. Let me tell you something about this show,with financial times as they are; PureCombat completely packed all the seats in the Pavilion at the Ag Center. With the economy the way it has been, I was very surprised because all the shows Bloody Mayhem has covered this year have yet to sell out and PureCombat went against the trend. I have to applaud them for their effort and great fan turnout but most of all for a stellar card that featured 3 fights that could easily have been the fights of the night. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next on April 25 in Sacramento.

Bloody Mayhem would also like to thank the fans and the fighters for checking out our site. We would also like to thank PureCombat for having us at the event. With out all of you none of this would be possible. We are always the first to post FULL results and pictures and post more pictures than all our competition combined. If you don't believe us, start counting. Thanks for the support guys and stop by and say Hi anytime you see us.

In the main event of the evening, a quick yet exciting bout to watch, UFC vet and a Central Valley fan favorite, Jason "Live Wire" Von Flue made quick work of his opponent "Dangerous" Steve Ramirez with an early submission. Von Flue fought an intelligent fight by opting not to strike with Ramirez but rather use his strongest attribute, Jiu-Jitsu, to finish off Ramirez with a rear naked choke. Starting the round, setup for an immediate clinch and worked Ramirez down to the ground. Following a few rolls and a nice sweep, Von Flue took Ramirez' back and worked till he sunk in rear naked choke late in the first round. The ref Marcos Rosales stopped the bout after Ramirez had passed out due to the submission.

In the co-main event and the Fight of the Night, Mike "The Animal" Cook took out K-1's 2003 Grand Prix Champ Carter "Triple Threat" Williams in the second round. Both fighters came out wanting the knockout but neither wanted to give it up first. In the first round combos and wild punches were exchanged giving the fans something to scream about. Cook also suffered a cut over his right eye early in the round that bled profusely over the canvas. Entering the second Cook refused to repeat the first round and went for a takedown. After a successful attempt, Cook worked from side-mount into a full mount that spelled the end for Williams. Cook unleashed a fury of ground and pound that left Williams no choice but to tapout due to strikes 1:33 into the second round.

In a light weight battle John Michael Reedy won a decisive one-sided battle against Preston Scharf at 2:02 into the second round with a guillotine choke. Scharf was out-matched and out-classed by a better equipped Reedy that served it up with strikes, kicks and great submission wrestling.

In a middleweight clash, Jimmy Dexter came out victorious after three long, hard fought rounds against Tony Juarez. If it were not for all the tie-ups and clinches in the fight this would have been the fight of the night. Both fighters need to be commended for this bout as they showed tenacity, will and an iron chin. All three judges saw the bout 29-28 for Jimmy Dexter.

Featherweights Carlos De Soto and Joe Morales gave the fans a great two minutes and eight seconds of fighting as the bout was called due to a halt as De Soto tapped out after he broke one of his toes while working from his back. Up to that point it seemed like Morales had a good control of the fight.

Lightweight Zach Trammell demonstrated why he deserves a shot at the 155 lb title by ending his fight at 49 seconds in the first round against Josh Herrick by way of T.K.O. Trammell displayed some great high kicks and some solid striking earning himself another victory and moving on up the 155 lb division.

Darren Crisp defeats Mark De La Cruz with some vicious knees and some accurate punches. Crisp timed De La Cruz' takedown attempts and followed them with a knee that almost always landed and proved to be the deciding factor in the fight. After 2:00 into the second round and spent De La Cruz looked up at the ref and decided he could no longer continue with Crisp's assault.

Chad Sutton wins by guillotine choke early in the first round against Eli Moreno in their middleweight bout. Both fighters came out swinging and Sutton coming from a Jiu-Jitsu camp went followed up with a take down. Moreno attempted a guillotine choke that was never going to stick because Sutton was in side-control. Chad easily escaped and after jockeying for position went in for a guillotine of his own but was able to pull guard with it.

A much heavier Nick Covert won his bout against Billy Terry by T.K.O. at 2:40 into the second round. Terry who normally fights at 155 lbs took the late notice fight against Covert at a weight of 170lbs. Covert out-weighed Terry by more than 15 pounds. But besides the weight difference Billy Terry had one of his better rounds of his career in the first round of this fight.

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