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Weigh-ins were held at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ and aside from the food tasting great the weigh-ins showed us some good match-ups. The 155 lb tournament should be exciting with many of the fighters having an equal chance and being crowned the champ.

Come out to the Visalia Convention Center tomorrow and enjoy 11 fights of fighting, 1 womens bout and 2 heavyweights that will surely end with someone on the canvas.

Weigh In Results

Anthony Ruiz vs Gan McGee

Steve Ramirez 172 lbs vs Darvin Wattree 170 3/4 lbs

Jesse Bowen 135 3/4 lbs vs Phil Perez 135 1/2 lbs

Zoila Frausto 133 lbs vs Leann Jenkins 134 lbs

Joey Cabezas 155 lbs vs Doug Hunt 156 lbs

Darren Crisp 155 lbs vs Jared Papazian 151 3/4 lbs

Justin Cummings 154 1/4 lbs vs Josh McCartney 154 lbs

Marc De La Cruz 155 1/2 lbs vs Cody Canterbury 155 1/2 lbs

Tim Denham 152 1/2 lbs vs Anthony Vidal 153 3/4 lbs

Mitch Wykoff 135 lbs vs Martin Sandoval 129 lbs

Ron Carter 231 lbs vs Mike Guidry 252 lbs

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