Phil "The Pain" Collins and Last Stand Fight Team Part Ways

Three (3) weeks before the biggest fight of his career Phil "The Pain" Colliins and Last Stand Fight Team of Oakdale MMA part ways. This is a big change that can have a huge effect on the way Collins trains and performs during his fight. Phil faces Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Leopoldo Serao for the PFC Middleweight World Championship. This will be no easy task as Serao is coming off a great win over Jaime Jara.

After talking to both sides about the situation this is what I came away with: Collins wanted to continue using his boxing coach, cross-train with other gyms and workout with guys his size. Tom Theofanopoulos, the coach/trainer of Last Stand was unhappy with Collins participation with the team and does not allow cross-training with other camps. Tom feels his camp is adequate enough to give his fighters the best training needed, it is his camp and everyone under it should follow his rules or get moving to another camp.

There were definitely other disagreements but ultimately those were the ones that made the difference. It will be difficult to adapt to the change just 3 weeks shy of a championship bout but Phil Collins seems to be doing alright as he has been taken in with arms wide open by Phil Torres of Team Stockton and has been driving there everyday to train. We offer Phil best wishes and good luck with his new venture and hopefully these changes do not have a drastic effect on how he performs on May 8 at PFC 13. Last Stand also has 2 fighters participating in the nights action, Tom's son Bill Theofanopoulos, who dropped his last fight against Dustin Akbari after suffering a shoulder injury early in the first round and the young and undefeated Michael "Mayday" McDonald who will be facing "The Apache Kid" Cole Escovedo.

If you feel this story is missing certain facts or one-sided please feel free to contact me or post on the forum.

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