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Lemoore, CA - January 22, 2009 - Once again the masses gathered in the bingo hall of the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino to witness yet again a great card by the Palace Fighting Championship. This time around it was PFC 12 which featured 13 professional bouts, 4 of which were title fights and 3 of those ended with a new champion being crowned. From the beautiful ring girls, the loud ear-piercing voice of 205 lb champ Jorge Oliviera cheering for his teammates, the always sexy PFC dance girls to the never-hesitant-to-boo fans of the PFC , we were treated to a great show. We saw fights go the distance, some end knockouts, other in submissions and one end in between rounds. Even though we had a couple of fights fall through including Joey Cabesas fight which I was looking forward to and the Main event between “M16” Ramba vs. Pat Runez that I was so looking forward to (maybe Christian can set it up for the any of the upcoming PFC Boxing shows or PFC 13) the show gave the fans lots of action. Let’s hope the PFC continues to keep this pace with these exciting cards. Once again, BloodyMayhem would like to thank the PFC and its entire staff and the fans of MMA that continue to show us support.

This is how the night went down:

Jason Georgianna vs Michael “Mayday” McDonald

In his first fight in the PFC and as a legal voter (turned 18 a week before), Michael McDonald fought like a veteran and expanded on his undefeated record to 7-0. Georgianna did not seem to have an answer to McDonald’s fighting style and quickly lost the match by K.O. at 2:30 into the match. Mayday landed a clean left that sent Jason crashing to the canvas and after a few follow up punches the ref was forced to stop the fight. Michael McDonald earned himself the “Knockout of the Night” with his K.O.

Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis vs Josh Green

A very green Phil Davis (current NCAA Div. 1 Wrestling champ) went to work on pro debut Josh Green. Not much action ensued as both fighters have a ways to go before they can compete for a title. Phil Davis won the fight at 1:40 into the first by T.K.O.

Xavier “Professor X” Foupa-Pokam vs Kasey “Ice Cold” Uscola

Professor X made use of his arsenal of weapons using punches, kicks and knees in order to defeat Kasey Uscola at 2:06 into the fight. Early in the fight Professor X cut the brow over Uscola’s left eye and continued to beat on it as the fight progressed. Moments later after the ref took a break to have the doctor look over Uscola’s eye (was ok’d), Professor X landed a vicious left knee that immediately dropped Kasey gasping for air. The ref immediately stopped the bout.

John “Guns” Gunderson vs Alexander Crispim

The crowd did not wait long to boo the judges’ decision in this Lightweight bout as they did not like their decision to award Gunderson the split decision win. I had Crispim wining both the second and the third rounds but the third could easily have been giving to Gunderson because of his work in the middle of the third round. Either way it was a great fight and would love see these guys go at it again.

Dustin “Prince” Akbari vs Evan Dunham

After talking to a few people, no one expected this bout to make it past the first and all figured Akbari to win. Well, it seems like the fans got it wrong as it was the complete opposite. Evan Dunham landed a clean knee to Akbari’s head that stunned the young fighter and could never quite come back from it. The fight should have ended in the second but Dustin managed to survive. In the third Dunham wasted no time as he quickly dropped Akbari to the ground and worked in his hooks that was immediately followed by a rear naked choke that ended the fight at 40 seconds of round 3.

Billy “Bad Ass” Evangelista vs Harris “Hitman” Sarmiento

Billy made his PFC return after going undefeated in several fights with Strike Force. Evangelista faced Hawaii’s Harris Sarmiento who showed some solid striking skills but it was Billy’s clinch and never-ending knees to the body of Sarmiento that put the fight away. The bout went the distance with two judges scoring it 30-27 in favor of Evangelista. Glad to have you back Billy, even thought you are going back to Strike Force later this year.

Cyrille “Da Snake” Diabate vs Lodune “Vanilla Gorilla” Sincaid

This fight was all Diabate as he dominated Lodune Sincaid in this Light Heavyweight bout. Diabate had a longer reach, killer elbows and better stamina. The fight ended at 1:15 in the second after Cyrille landed about 8 unanswered elbows as he cornered Sincaid in the neutral corner. Cyrille looked dominant enough to possibly face Jorge Oliviera for the 205 title in the next PFC (Richard Goodman take note of this).

Olaf Alfonso vs Jeremiah Metcalf

Upset, upset, upset! No one expected Olaf to win the Interim PFC Welterweight belt against Jeremiah Metcalf. Even I was skeptical and I try to be as open minded as I can when it comes to fights but Olaf played a good hand and in the end submitted Metcalf with and a second arm bar attempt. “Submission of the Night” goes to Olaf for his beautiful arm bar.

Tito Jones vs Justin “Bushido Kid” Smitley

The highly anticipated bout between Tito Jones and Justin Smitley ended in a controversial decision where Jones was declared the winner. This was a stand up fight between the both of them and the judges saw it 29-28 Jones, 29-28 Smitley and here it comes 30-27 Jones (score by judge Marcos Rosales). There is no way it could have been 30-27, 29-28 I can believe because round 3 could have gone either way but very difficult to score. Both fighters went in to take care of business and give the fans a good fight and they did that. Congrats to both of them. In my scorecards I saw it 29-28 Smitley with Justin winning rounds 2 and 3 as he pressed the fight a little more and it seemed like Tito was stalling the entire third round except for the last 7 seconds of the fight. But applaud Tito Jones as he fought a strategically sound fight that gave him the win.

Brian “The Bandit” Cobb vs Lance “Ruthless” Wipf

The second Championship bout was for the PFC Lightweight title between the current champ Brian Cobb and challenger Lance Wipf. I am a Brian Cobb fan so that makes this a little biased but in Cobb won the fight fair and square with a rear naked choke in the second round at 1:17. Early in the fight both fighters exchanged strikes and Wipf had his best chance at winning the fight in the first by setting up an arm bar that both fighters battled on back and forth for the entire second half of the first round. Besides that, Cobb dominated the fight. I am still surprised Brian Cobb is still fighting for the PFC because with his talent he should be at the next level.

Lavar “Big” Johnson vs Dave “Bad Man” Huckaba

In the lone heavyweight fight of the night that truly set apart the biggest and baddest man in the Central Valley from the rest of the field, Gladiator Champion Dave Huckaba squared off against the Wargod’s Heavyweight Champ Lavar Johnson. Just like most everyone had predicted both men stood toe-to-toe exchanging blows. It really came down to who hit who first and in this match Lavar damaged Dave’s right eardrum and Huckaba was never able to recover. Dave back peddled the rest of the first round and Lavar picked his punches and as the round ended, Huckaba told his corner he could no longer continue. Lavar Johnson was declared the winner moments later.

Jorge “The Bull” Evangelista vs Diego “The Octopus” Saraiva

In this featherweight championship bout Diego Saraiva upset a sluggish looking Evangelista. Saraiva won the first round by landing multiple strikes to the head and avoiding most of Jorge’s combinations. In the second, Diego took Evangelista to the ground and worked for position that eventually led to getting Jorge’s back. Diego then sunk in his hooks and began to work for a rear naked choke. After some GnP and a huge head slam, Saraiva tapped Jorge out with a rear naked choke 2:39 into the round. “Upset of the Night” goes to the Evangelista vs Saraiva fight as Jorge could not do much to defend himself earning Saraiva the Featherweight belt.

Shawn Klarcyk v Jeff “Little Popeye” Bedard

In the main event of the night, Shawn Klarcyk got no help from the ref in this very tough championship fight for the 135 lb belt. Bedard was the better striker of the two and showed more strength than the champ Klarcyk, known for his submissions. In all three rounds of the fight Jeff ended up in Klarcyk’s guard and letting loose some old fashion ground and pound but it was here that Klarcyk felt the most comfortable attempting multiple leg locks in each round. Klarcyk later gassed at 2:40 of the third round and was submitted by a north-south choke. Where the help from the ref would have been helpful is when Shawn had a couple leg locks that seemed destined to put the fight away but Bedard illegally used the ropes to hold on and not get turned over by Shawn. No one will ever know if Klarcyk would have ended the fight in those attempts but from where I was sitting they seemed very likely. Next time the ref should note the severity of the “rope holding” and deduct points accordingly. We congratulate Jeff Bedard in his submission win and wish Shawn Klarcyk the best as he will most likely head back to the gym to work on getting his title back.

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    Olaf Alfonso vs Jeremiah Metcalf

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    Tito "Trill" Jones vs Justin "Bushido Kid" Smitley

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    Brian "The Bandit" Cobb vs Lance "Ruthless" Whipf

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    Lavar "Big" Johnson v Dave "Bad Man" Huckaba

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    Jorge "The Bull" Evangelista vs Diego "The Octopus" Saraiva

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    Shawn Klarcyk vs Jeff "Little Popeye" Bedard

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