PFC MMA October 23, 2008

Article by Daniel Gil / Pictures Ivan Diaz

October 23, 2008, Lemoore, CA – PFC puts on a great mini-show again after its live boxing event. Five action packed Mixed Martial Arts fights were what followed another mediocre night of boxing. Fighters like Jorge Evangelista, Mike Martinez and Jimmy Marquez is what made the night eventful that brought out some local MMA fighters to the action as well as UFC Light Heavyweight contender Keith Jardine.

When the Palace began adding MMA fights to the boxing card they started off with one fight and because of its success they are up to five bouts after the boxing shows. I am sure the fans agree with me when I say that the PFC should continue to bring MMA after every boxing show to not only grow the fan base for MMA but to give those fans that love both boxing and MMA a great night of action. Once again, great job and hats off to Christian Printup and Richard Goodman and the rest of the PFC Team.

In the first fight of the night of MMA action, Sergio Quinones of Lemoore squared off against Fernando Arreola of Bakersfield. In a three round battle; Fernando Arreola won the fight by taking Quinones down to the ground multiple times throughout the match and won on all three of the judge’s scorecards 30-27.

Jimmy Jarquin (3-2) of San Francisco faced Anthony Acosta (1-2) of Oakland in the second bout of the night. Early in the first round Jarquin was able to set his tone and managed to easily take down Acosta on a few occasions. Jimmy followed them up with some ground and pound but nothing too serious to end the fight. First round went to Jarquin. To open up the second round, Jimmy Jarquin went for the immediate takedown and was successful and moved into full mount. After failing on a kimura attempt, Acosta was able to reverse positions with Jarquin but unable to capitalize Jimmy got out and mounted Anthony. Following some stunning blows Acosta gave up his back and gave Jimmy Jarquin the opportunity to sink in a rear naked choke. Anthony Acosta tapped out at 2:07 of the second round.

In one of the shortest fights of the night, Madera’s Joaquin Sanchez (3-2) was set to fight Jeff Terry (3-2) of Taft. After Terry threw and high kick that would have taken Sanchez’ head if it would have landed, Joaquin shot in for an immediate takedown and was successful and a small struggle. Jeff Terry well prepared to work off his back transitioned quickly into a triangle choke that subdued Joaquin Sanchez at 51 seconds into the fight.

The main event of the evening featuring PFC Lightweight Champ Jorge Evangelista of Buhawe MMA Camp in Fresno and Randy Spence of Stockton fighting out of UFC and Strike force veteran Nick Diaz’ gym. I applaud Randy Spence for taking the fight on such short notice and for a great showing for the local fans. But I would have to congratulate Jorge Evangelista for putting on a phenomenal outing and showing us the fans why he is the champ. Jorge dominated in the stand-up position with his great leg kicks and striking. On the ground Evangelista threw Spence down at will and once in the third round Jorge stared him down as he stood over him after a takedown. Evangelista won on all three of the judge’s scorecards 30-27. I was very impressed by how dominant Jorge was and showed that he truly is prepared to defend his title (even though the title was not on the line in this fight) against anyone. It will be exciting to see what Jorge can do when he drops down to 135 lbs in the near future.

The final fight of the night was also the shortest and was titled “The War for Lemoore” as both Lemoore fighters “Just” Mike Martinez (4-2) stepped into the ring against Brandon Lorenz (1-1). This fight was very much hyped as both these fighters had some bad blood between them. Lorenz opened up the fight throwing some well timed counters to Mike’s strikes but then they both clinched and went for the takedown. Lorenz was the stronger in that clinch and won the takedown. What occurred next happened very quickly as Mike Martinez worked from his back and was able to bring his legs over Lorenz and transitioned beautifully into an arm bar. Brandon Lorenz tapped at 50 seconds into the fight. Mike Martinez is "officially" awarded Lemoore for the win.

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