Original Pub Date: March 19, 2008
All fighters in attendance were able to make weight. Richie Hightower is out of PFC source
If they are able to salvage a fight for Travers with title/non-title fight; will have a total of twelve fights for PFC 7.

*Update: Joel Crawford will face Bryan Travers

Weigh-in Results
Jeromy Freitag, 204.4 lbs.  vs.  Jorge Oliveira 202.8 lbs.
5 Rd PFC Lt. Heavyweight Championship Bout

Glover Texeira 204.8 lbs.  vs.  Buckley Acosta 204.2 lbs.
3 rd. Lt. heavyweight Championship bout


Jorge Evangelista 145 lbs.  vs.  Enoch Wilson 145.2 lbs.
3 Rd. Featherweight Bout

Phil "The Pain" Collins 189.4 lbs.  vs.  "Just" Mike Martinez 189 lbs.
3 Rd. PFC Middleweight Championship Elimination Bout

Ulysses Gomez 125.2 lbs.  vs.  Greg McDowell                               
3 Rd Flyweight Bout

Manuel Quezada 224.4 lbs.  vs.  Charles Hodges 380 lbs.
3 Rd. Heavyweight Bout

Richie Hightower  vs.  Bryan Travers 167.8 lbs.
5 Rd vacant PFC Welterweight Championship Bout

Jimmy Dexter 185 lbs.  vs.  Jeremiah Metcalf 184.8 lbs.
3 Rd. Middleweight Bout

Bubby Mitchell 125 lbs.  vs.  Daniel Pinedo 126.2 lbs.
3 Rd. Flyweight Bout

Carlton "The Councilman" Jones 239.6 lbs.  vs.  Rafael Del Real 227 lbs.
3 Rd. Heavyweight bout

Danny Castillo 155 lbs.  vs.  Andy Salazar 152.2 lbs.
3 rd. Lightweight Bout

Robert "The Bull" Breslin Breslin 155.6 lbs.  vs.  Brandon Jinnies 150.6 lbs
3 Rd. Lightweight Bout

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