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Once again the PFC put on a great show to kick of the outdoor events for the summer. Only one fight fell out for legitimate reasons (staph) and the rest of the card panned out the way we all expected it to be . . . good! Lets keep up the good work PFC and surprise us the Best of Both World's III and PFC 14. Possibly bring in Joe Soto who won a dominating fight at the Bellator Fighting Championships against heavy favorite Wilson Reis of Brazil?

Fight Results

Marcelo Guidici vs John Michael Reedy

In the opening bout of the night, John Reedy won a unanimous decision victory over Brasilia, Brazil's Marcelo Guidici. After talking to Reedy after the fight, he informed me that he was rushed in the locker room by the PFC and was not allowed to warm up at all.

Sott McAfee vs Bill Theofanopolous

In this great battle between two tremendous fighters, many strikes were exchanged and in the first round we were given the "Round of the Night". Both fighters need to work on their defense as they took way too many shots to the head. In the second round more exciting and defenseless striking ensued but this time one of McAfee's rights landed clean on Bill's head that knocked out Theofanopolous. The ref stopped the bout immediately after at 43 seconds into the round.

Gabe Ruediger vs Darren Crisp

Godzilla gets a not so warm welcome on his return to the Tachi Palace. But this does not deter him in making quick work of his opponent. After a few knees while in a close clinch, Gabe takes Crisp down and quickly disposes of him via Guillotine choke in 1:03 of the first round. Would have liked to have seen Gabe versus the greatly showcased "Tachi Kid"

Emily Thompson 143lbs vs Erin Toughill 145lbs

As the sunset is seen on the horizon, this women's Bantamweight bout gets underway. Erin comes out firing with great strikes. Emily wants no part of the standup and quickly works to try to take Erin down. Erin though turns out to be very tough to take down and demonstrates great take down defense. After a minute of fighting off the takedown Emily finally takes her opponent down but Erin quickly sweeps Emily and gets back to her feet.

Rd. 2 The entire round finds Emily wanting no part of striking and again sees her trying to take her opponent down but to no avail. A wasted round for both fighters but especially for Emily as she does a lot less than her opponent and loses the round.

Rd. 3 Again it seems like a repeat of round 2. For 2 minutes Emily tries to take her opponent down and clinches with her without much action. With just a few seconds left Erin does a great punch combination to finish the fight strong. Erin Toughill wins a Unanimous decision 30-27.

Bryan Travers 154.2lbs 11-1 Bakersfield vs John Gunderson from Team Couture in Nevada 19-6 155lbs.

Bryan Travers quickly gets in close and pushes Gunderson into the ropes. John with his back against the ropes gives great knees to his opponent. Bryan gets upset and throws John and rapidly moves into side control. The round ends with Brian taking the round.

Rd. 2 the start of the second round has Bryan swinging with a wide right hand that catches John flush and rocks him back. Bryan seizes the opportunity to jump on top of John and remains on top for the remainder of the round to win yet another round.

Rd. 3 Bryan gets in close and throws Gunderson and again gains control by getting on top of John. Bryan quickly picks up John and slams him after John had momentarily escaped from being controlled on the bottom. Gunderson tries for an arm bar but makes the mistake of giving up his back. John then escapes and ends with a flurry of punches before Bryan takes him down once more. Bryan wins the fight with a unanimous decision 30-27.

Anthony Perales vs Pat Runez

Rd. 1 After lots of initial clinching, Runez does a nice 4 punch combination. Pat again gets close and attempts to take down Perales and after some struggle he finally does. With Pat on top and attempting some ground and pound, Anthony goes for an ankle lock that many in the stands feel can put Pat away but the bell rings and ends all suspense.

Rd. 2 Anthony throws some great punches but gets a little careless and Runez quickly does a leg sweep and puts Anthony on his back. Anthony manages to escape and stand up and throws some good shots that find its mark but Runez counters with a nice uppercut and he again uses this momentum to takedown Anthony. Anthony gives up his back and unfortunately tries to stand up and slam his opponent but while doing so gives up his neck and Pat quickly puts in the rear naked choke and becomes the New PFC Flyweight Champion 2:28 seconds into the second round.

Cole Escovedo

Rd. 1 With lots of anticipation from the crowd to see Cole Escovedo back into action after a long layoff that seemed like Cole had given up the sport. Cole quickly got in close and gave his teenage opponent some great knees and easily took him down. Cole escaped a near arm bar to finish the round with what seemed to be a win as his opponent tapped out after getting his arm extended. The referee stated his opponent was saved by the bell. Cole quickly pleaded his case that the fight should have ended but to no avail. As a fan I did not want to see it end so quickly because I wanted to continue to see both of these warriors in the ring.

Rd. 2 Cole quickly slammed his opponent and immediately started to ground and pound his opponent into submission. Cole stopped his opponent at 2:25 into the second round via strikes. Cole dominated in every aspect of this fight and seemed to be at a much different level than his highly regarded opponent. Whether it was on top with his striking or on the bottom with ground and pound, Cole had an answer to Michael McDonald’s game plan. Escovedo showed why he was once considered a huge star in the sport. Even though McDonald lost tonight, he is only 18 years old and is a good fighter with lots of potential and seems experience played a big factor in the fight.

Carlo Prater vs Dominique Robinson

All rounds very boring. Carlo very cautious during strikes as was his opponent. It was very painful to watch 5 rounds of nothing. Sometimes in these fights no one should be declared the winner. But both fighters went out there and tried to do their thing. Their fighting styles just didn’t click. Prater was declared the winner by decision and is not the new PFC 155 lb Champion.

Eddie Yagin Hawaii vs Casey Olson

Rd 1 The Filipino sensation throws a big right that clearly rocks Casey reminiscent of Olaf’s big knee at an earlier PFC event where Casey was knocked out for good. This time Casey managed to stay awake a bit but not for long as Eddie took advantage of Casey not being on all senses to choke him out at 1:27 in the very first round .

Kyle Pimentel vs Olaf Alfonso

Olaf came in the ring with the sounds of Mariachi music that seemed to get the crowd all pumped up. His opponent came in with a hairdo that seemed to be a weapon in itself. Most of the round we found both fighters exchanging some beautiful strikes. Toward the end of the round Olaf managed some separation and threw in some great wild strikes.

Rd 2 Olaf was almost ground and pounded out of the arena as Kyle dominated the second round with a relentless assault.

Rd. 3 Kyle continued his dominance as Olaf had the fight stopped by the ref at 2:48 into the 3rd round due to a nasty gash on Alfonso's face. Olaf had to relinquish his PFC belt to new Champ Kyle Pimentel.

Rhino vs Jara

Rd. 1 Good striking by Jara. Big kick by Rhino that nearly takes "El Cucui's" head off. Lots of clinching in the round. Rhino also held the rope one too many times and should have had a point taken away at some point in the fight.

Rd. 2 Rhino again is pushed against the ropes and again continues to hold onto the ropes to keep himself from being taken down. A big right by Rhino rocks Jara whom then pushes Rhino back into the ropes and almost out of the ring. Good elbow by Rhino at the end of the round and Jaime takes rhino down followed by some ground and pound.

Rd. 3 Jaime takes Rhino down in 20 seconds and gives off a few strikes. Rhino gets up and Jamie pins him against the ropes again. Split decision win for Rhino that did not have the crowd pleased with the result. Rhino wins 29-28, 29-28, 28-29

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