PFC 11 "All In" Fight Results and Pics

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    Jason "Carp" Carpenter v Juan Lopez

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    Scott McAfee v Jason Drake

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    Brittany Briano v Paulina Ramirez

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    Mickey D Martinez v Darren Crisp

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    Kenny Ento âââ¬ÃâTha Dragonâââ¬Ã v Phil âââ¬ÃâThe Painâââ¬Ã Collins

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    Luis "Speedy" Gonzalez v Pat Runez

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    Erin âââ¬ÃâSteelâââ¬Ã Toughill v Jan âââ¬ÃâCuddlesâââ¬Ã Finney

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    Poppies "Tachi Kid" Martinez v Tony Llamas

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    Eddie "The Filipino Phenom" Yagin v Shawn "Quiet Storm" Bias

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    Dominique "Fallen Angel" Robinson v Takumi Nakayama

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    Jaime "El Cucui" Jara v Leopoldo Serao

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    Ulysses "Useless" Gomez v Rambaa "M16" Somdet

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    Jorge Oliveira v Isaiah "Striking Viking" Larson

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    Doug "The Rhino" Marshall v Rafael âThe Real Deal" Del Real

The Tachi Palace does it again with an action packed card of 16 matches that featured 2 women's bouts featuring 4 beautiful women. Read below to find out how the night went.

Jason "Carp" Carpenter (1-0) v Juan Lopez (2-4)
In his pro debut as a MMA fighter, Jason “Carp” Carpenter defeated his opponent Juan Lopez at 43 seconds into the first round. Both fighters clinched and Carpenter was able to get Lopez down and take his back. From there Jason sunk in a rear naked choke for the win.

Scott McAfee (7-1) v Jason “O.T.” Drake
In this first round battle, Jason Drake opened up the fight with some nice leg kick combos. But it was Scott McAfee that came out the victor with a clean right hand that T.K.O.’d Drake at 2:02 of the first round.

Brittany Briano (0-1) v Paulina Ramirez (1-0)
In the first female battle of the night, Paulina Ramirez out of Hanford defeated Brittany Briano of Fresno. Paulina’s explosive strikes were too quick for the grappling Briano. The fight went the distance with all three judges scoring it in favor of Ramirez 30-27.

Mickey “D” Martinez (6-2-1) v Darren “DC” Crisp (6-3)
It was a tough loss for Lemoore’s Mickey Martinez as he suffered a big gash above his right eye due to a knee strike from Darren Crisp. Mickey gave a verbal tap at 22 seconds into the second round.

Kenny Ento “The Dragon” (10-5) v Phil “The Pain” Collins (7-4)
Phil Collins made his return after a big loss against Valley native Doug “The Rhino” Marshall. In this fight, Collins took on a very unorthodox fighter in Kenny Ento. The fight went the distance with Collins being the winner 30-27.

Luis “Speedy” Gonzalez (3-1) v Pat Runez (5-0)
In the first of two fights of the Flyweight Championship Tournament, Pat Runez of Arizona Combat faced off against Luis Gonzalez. Pat stuck to his game plan as he dominated the fight. Judges cards 30-27

Erin “Steel” Toughill (8-2-1) v Jan “Cuddles” Finney (4-6)
Erin Toughill wins a unanimous decision victory over Jan Cuddles of Springfield Ohio.

Poppies “Tachi Kid” Martinez (17-5) v Tony Llamas (7-8)
The Tachi Palace’ favorite son, Poppies “Tachi Kid” Martinez easily wins by way of an arm bar over Tony Llamas of Porterville. At 1:51 of the first round following a failed kimura attempt by Llamas, Poppies transitioned into an arm bar for the win.

Eddie “The Filipino Phenom” Yagin (12-3-1) v Shawn “Quiet Storm” Bias (14-7)
In one of the exciting bouts of the night Oroville’s Shawn Bias squared off against Eddie Yagin of Hawaii. The fight was back and forth action in both of the first two rounds with Shaw Bias squeezing off an edge over Yagin in both rounds. In the first round Bias was able to cut Yagin with an elbow over on the forehead. The blood proved to be a problem for Bias as Yagin was covered in it in the second and managed to take advantage of its slippery quality and reversing positions with Shawn late in the second. Yagin carried this momentum into the third by cinching in a guillotine choke as Bias came in for a single leg takedown. The fight was over at 37 seconds into the third round. Both fighters put on a great show.

Dominique “Fallen Angel” Robinson (14-2-1) v Takumi Nakayama (13-11-3)
Dominique Robinson was able to pull off a unanimous decision victory over Japan’s Takumi Nakayama. Being an expert Judo fighter, Takayama made it difficult for Dominique to get an inside game going. The fight was very exciting to watch and could have gone either way at any point of the fight, Robinson was declared by the judges.

Jaime “El Cucui” Jara v Leopoldo Serao (15-7)
Leopoldo Serao of Brazil pulled off what some say was an upset against the hard punching Jamie Jara. I say he fought a great fight that prevented Jaime to ever get started with his strikes until late in the fight. Leopoldo was declared the winner unanimously after 3 rounds of action all by 29-28 with the last round going to Jara.

Ulysses “Useless” Gomez (2-1) v Rambaa “M16” Somdet (6-2)
In the best fight of the night, Rambaa Somdet of Thailand dominated Ulysses Gomez of Las Vegas in other half of the Flyweight Championship Tournament. Rambaa was able to put together some of his vicious kicks to keep Ulysses at bay. To finish off the first round Somdet dropped Gomez three to four times with some solid uppercuts and right hooks. When it seemed the fight should have been stopped Gomez was saved by the bell in the first. Opening the second round, Ulysses fought back out-striking his opponent in the stand-up position. But not to be out-done, Somdet returned in the third to seal off his victory and his place in the finals against Arizona’s Pat Runez who defeated Luis Gonzalez of Hanford on an earlier fight.

Jorge Oliveira (4-2-1) v Isaiah “Striking Viking” Larson (6-2)
In a rematch fight between the two fighters, Jorge the PFC Light Heavyweight Champion retained his belt by submitting Isaiah Larson of St. Paul MN at 2:18 in the third round.

Doug “The Rhino” Marshall (10-3) v Rafael “The Real Deal” Del Real (5-11)
In his return to Lemoore after his win against the tough as nails Phil “The Pain” Collins, Doug Marshall made quick work of Rafael Del Real. Marshall caught Del Real in a controversial call, some say it was a knee to the groin, others say it wasn’t. Either way the ref Herb Dean did not see it and Marshall followed up the knee with some big power punches that knocked Del Real out. Doug Marshall was declared the winner shortly after.

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