PFC 10- Official Fight Results

Mike Craddock v Omar Sandoval

In this one sided fight to open up the night of MMA, Mike Craddock never seemed to put it into gear. Omar Sandoval took it the distance and won on all three judges scorecards 30-27 in this three round match.

Joey Cabesas v Billy Terry

In the first K.O. of the night, Joey Cabesas landed a clean left knee to Billy Terry's liver that sent him crashing to the canvas in pain. Cabesas then followed up with a few ground and pound punches before the ref jumped in and stopped it 54 seconds into the first round.

Chris Botelho v Anthony Bivins

In a fight with not much action, Chris Botelho was able to win two rounds in the judges eyes to come off with a 29-28 decision win over Anthony Bivins. Xavier

Foupa-Pokam v Richard Montoya

This bout featured a U.S. MMA debut as Xavier "Professor X" performed with ease in his first fight in the states. Xavier, a fighter from France with a record of 18-9 was far more experienced than his opponent Richard Montoya. Opening up the bout with some good combos, one being a left low kick followed by a right knee to the stomach, Professor X was able to strike at will and when taken down he quickly maneuvered into an arm bar that forced Montoya to tap 1:13 into the first round.

David "Bubby" Mitchell v David Suarez

This fight of Flyweights ended at 1:15 into the first round by way of knockout. This was the first time I witnessed a fighter get his opponents back then have the opponent stand up and slam the him to the mat, only to have him stiffen up after the slam and not regain consciousness, until over a minute had passed. That happened tonight as Bubby Mitchell was dominating his opponent and prepared to take David Suarez' back. Suarez stood up and jumped onto his back to slam Bubby. Immediatley after Mitchell was knocked out cold. The fight ended 1:15 into the first round.

Lavar Johnson v Vince Lucero

This match up was clearly unfair. Lucero was out of his league when he faced Lavar Johnson out of Madera CA. Once Vince felt the power behind Lavars hands, he wanted nothing of it covering up where he could and leaving himself defenseless most of the fight until the ref called it at 1:16 into the first.

Poppies Martinez v Sergio Cortez

The first time Poppies Martinez met Sergio Cortez in the ring, the heavily favored Poppies lost the fight but was fighting with an injury which prompted this rematch. This time Poppies swore he was 110% and was ready for the fight. He was not lying as he dominated all three rounds of the fight and won 30-27 on all the scorecards.

Luis "Speedy" Gonzalez v Elbert Randle

Elbert Randle was completely over matched when paired with Luis Gonzalez. Luis a Black belt in Jiu-Jitsu T.K.O.'d his opponent by way of ground and pound 2:24 into the first round. I would like to see Luis step up his competition, he is a runner-up at the mundials and has been facing opponents not likely to place runner-up in a local tournament.

Chad Mendes v Geovanny Encarnacion

Chad Mendes, making his professional MMA debut following a stellar wrestling career, defeated his opponent by taking his opponent to the ground. Once there, Mendes pounded on his opponent Encarnacion until he left an opening for a Rear Naked Choke. Mendes declared the winner 2:24 of the first round.

Dustin Akbari v Bill Theofanopoulos

This fight ended rather quickly to my disappointment. I was expecting a tactical bout instead it seemed like Bill suffered an injury to his right shoulder and was no longer able to defend the barrage of punches coming from Akbar. The ref stopped the fight at 1:35 into the first round. I would definitely love to see a rematch.

Antonio Banuelos v Bryan Goldsby

Another undermatched fight, veteran fighter Antonio Banuelos connected a sweeping over-hand right that connected on Bryan Goldsby's chin sending him to the ground in the second round. The ref immediately called a halt to the bout and declared Antonio the winner 59 seconds into the second round.

Bryan Travers v Jeremiah Metcalf

Travers was declared the winner after the bout went the distance, after 5 rounds of fighting the judges scored the bout 48-47 in favor of Bryan Travers the new PFC World Welterweight Champion.

Joe Soto v Brandon Jinnies

Joe Soto showed that not only can he win fight by submissions, he can also win them by T.K.O. The ref stops the bout 59 seconds into the fight.

Brian Cobb v David Gardner Brian Cobb retained his title with an easy vicotry over David Gardner. All three judges scored the bout 50-45.

Shawn Klarcyk v Brandon Miller

Shawn Klarcyk defends his title by submitting Brandon Miller with an arm bar 2:19 into the second round.

Phil Baroni v Olaf Alfonso

Phil Baroni was unable to put, un-orthodox fighter, Olaf Alfonso away. The fight went all three rounds and Baroni was declared the winner 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.

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