Official Bloody Mayhem Rankings - December 2008


1. Rambaa "M16" Sambaat
2. Pat Runez
3. Ulysses  "Useless" Gomez - Grappler quest champ
4. Luis Gonzalez - Great Jiu-Jitsu but has yet to be tested
5. David Suarez - Good win over Bubby Mitchell


1. Rolando "Machine" Velasco - Although taking time off to finish school, Velasco hands down deserves the #1 spot
2. Shawn Klarcyk- Good wrestler, Good Striker, Tough and has great cardio.
3. David "Kid Dynamite" Espinosa- Earned the title belt at Rumble in the Park 2 left vacant by Velasco
4. David Granados - Great striking, good cardio, strong camp
5. Jesse Bowen - Has kept a strong win streak

Chad Mendes - Great wrestler. Can he live up to the hype?
Michael McDonald - Undefeated with 5 wins under his belt. Only 17 years old


1. Jorge Evangelista - (been in numerous wars) Extremely well rounded
2. Casey Olson- Popular fighter, now needs to be more explosive
5. Tito Jones-Great explosiveness and stand up, comes from a very strong camp
4. Justin "Bushido Kid" Smitley - "Bushido Kid" recently became the GC Featherweight Champion. Which was left vacant by Faber.
5. Eddie Yagin - Great win over Shawn Bias

Art Arciniega - Bounced back with a good win at GC in Sacto
Shawn Bias - Tough Loss against Eddie Yagin in the 3rd rd a fight he was winning.
Joe Soto - Great all around, now needs to prove himself against ranked opponents


1. Brian Cobb- Dominate Wrestler, Great submission Defense
2. Dominique "Fallen Angel" Robinson - Good fighter, great showing in last couple of fights
3. Olaf Alfonso - You never know what to expect.
4. Dustin Akabari- Phenom on the mat, Needs tougher match-ups to increase his stock
5. Diego Saraiva - After a major loss to Brian Cobb he is back on track with a victory in AFL

Poppies Martinez - Needs better oponents if he expects to move up
Takumi Nakayama - Great defense and phenomenal Judo


1. Brett Cooper - Current PFC Middleweight champ victories over Arden, Von Flue, and IFL's Markham
2. Bryan Travers-Division 1 Wrestler, outstanding record, Defeated Jeremiah Metcalf for PFC belt and Anthony Ruiz
3. Jeremiah Metcalf - Tough loss against Bryan Travers for the belt either one could have taken it
4. Mario Rivera- Good wrestler, good hands, Tough as nails, willing to stand and bang with anyone
5. Mike Moreno- Great Muay Thai fighter, Deadly kicks, very balanced wrestling and submission game

Morris Aldaco- Good wrestler, Strong base, Very good Ground n Pound 


1. Leopoldo Serao - decisively beat Jaime Jara at PFC 11, can he keep the momentum train going
2. Jamie Jara- Long time vet, has held many titles in 3 or 4 weightclasses, great wrestler
3. Doug "The Rhino" Marshall - Wins over Phil The Pain and Del Real, lets see how he does in the next few matches
4. Phil The Pain Collins - Great submissions, great camp, all around tough. Solid win over The Dragon Ento
5. Xavier Foupa-Pokam - Exciting to watch, need to see more of him at PFC
Kenny Ento- former champ, great ground game, crazy submissions, On-again Off-again type of fighter


1. Glover Teixeira- World caliber fighter, Speed, Victories over Sokoudjou and Olivera.
2. Jorge Oliveira - Great, well rounded fighter, Very good BJJ, and very tough, PFC Champ
3. Anthony Ruiz- the Giant killer! Very tough
4. Jeromy Freitag- Very athletic and tough, Loves to bang and can also handle it on the ground
5. Isaiah Larson - Decent showing both time outs against Jorge Oliveira


** Not enough dominant heavyweights to make a complete list **

Lavar Johnson vs Dave Huckaba will give us a clear #1 and #2

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