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Letter From The Editor - Martin Sandoval Part 2


It seems like this "Letter From The Editor" created a lot of noise. Here we thought people only came to the site for our pictures, we thought wrong.

"Bad" Brad McDonald - Valley's Youngest Pro MMA Fighter


After seeing 15 year old Brad McDonald, you would think of him as a regular teenager; attending high school, playing on team sports and hanging out with his friends after school. At first sight, Brad fits the profile of your average teen but he is anything but that.

Letter From The Editor - Martin Sandoval No Class


I felt like the fight should have ended as I watched in disgust and I imagine so did many fans watching Martin Sandoval of Merced/Oakdale fight at Gladiator Challenge on Sunday November 2, 2008.

Gladiator Challenge - Day of The Dead Results and Pics


After 7 years of bringing action packed MMA fights to the Eagle Mountain Casino, Gladiator Challenge brought its last show to Porterville. We would like to take this time to thank Ted and the rest of the GC crew for giving us a lot of great fights, they will be missed. Eagle Mountain Casino will begin to have their own shows starting with their first on January 15, 2009. Stay tuned for more on that show later down the road.

Rumble In The Park 2 - Fight Results and Pics


In a great night of action that started off with a little bit of sunshine and ended with a little bit of rain, Cage Combat pleased the fans again with the return of Rumble in the Park 2. I love the amphitheatre's location and setup and even with the bit of rain that came in towards the end of the card, the venue is still a great place to hold live MMA action. Tully and Todd keep bringing the show back its fun, exciting and always great action.

PFC MMA October 23, 2008 Picture Gallery


Five fights over 50 pictures.

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