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Dave Huckaba Signs A Five Fight Deal With PureCombat


Cobb and Wipf Battle For Lightweight Strap


LEMOORE, Calif. – Brian Cobb has been one of the more steady additions to the Palace Fighting Championship.

The Bakersfield, Calif. mixed martial artist made his PFC debut in May 2008 with a unanimous decision victory over then PFC World Lightweight champ Diego Saraiva.

JT Money Blogs About The Fight At Warriors Cage


I drift. The fight went well and I choked Rico for about the first two minutes of the fight and the guy would not tap.

TWC Ring Girls


The Warriors Cage 1 Fight Results and Pics


Central Valley MMA just got bigger! Eagle Mountain Casino's The Warriors Cage was a success this past Thursday night packing the house and providing a great night of action including a fight that will definitely be in contention for the Fight of the Year for 2009!

The Grizzly Walks Into The Lions Den


Cantrell will be unable to fight due to knee injury in the upcoming Valentine's Eve Massacre (Wargods). In his place Mr. Shamrock will face the massive 6'8" Ross Clifton.

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