NEW UPDATE - Buhawe MMA Camp Closing Its Doors?

Well as most of you already know, The doors at Buhawe MMA Camp on Blackstone Ave in Fresno CA have closed. Many rumors circulated on what was going on and some may have seen it at the last Wargods event but the truth of them all is that Wargods Promotions financed the Buhawe MMA Camp and their fairytale friendship has now ended leaving Wargods without a gym and Buhawe without a home. . . . .

But do not worry. All those exciting fighters out of Buhawe will still be training under the tutelage of Jasper but will be at a new location somewhere in North Clovis (near 168). Seems like everything will be alright with Fresno fight team with the only difference being their previous relationship with the Fresno based Wargods Promotions.

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