MMA Elite Apparel's "Mayhem Girl" - October

Name: Kaabau Heu
Hometown: Fresno
Age: 22
Height: 4' 9
Weight: 97
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown

Status: In a relationship
What's the craziest thing you have ever done in public or private? lol. no comment.
What's your favorite food? Sushi baby!
What turns you on about a guy? buff sexy tone booty! o yeah ;) lol.
What are your turnoffs? liars. What do you do to have fun or relax? Hanging with family and friends. :)
What wouldn't you mind doing for the rest of your life?
Your Stranded on a desert island with one famous guy, who would it be and Why? Chris Evans!!! mmm! lol
What is your favorite thing to do in the comfort of your own room? Sing my heart out...dancing. :) lol well i do that alot out of my room too...favorite ;)
What is the worst lie you have ever told? every lie...i suck at lying! lol everyone who knows me...knows i stink at lying.
If you were a piece of candy, what would it be and why? sour patch...cuz i can be sweet and!
What's the worst pickup line you have ever heard? Ryan's pick-up lines! hehe...which I don't ever even going to share! lol
Any interesting hobbies? yeah, love karaoke! haha im so asian.
Favorite movie? chick flicks! Mean Girls, and The Notebook!

Special Thanks goes out to MMA Elite Apparel for providing the clothes and helping out with the locations on the shoot. Also we would like to thank Buhawee for letting us use their facility. Remember to shop at MMA Elite Apparel for all of your MMA needs, whether you are a fan, fighter or someone in need of some new threads. MMA Elite Apparel is located at 6640 N. Blackstone, phone 559.436.0138

If you feel you have the potential to be a "Mayhem Girl" or you know someone that does, email a picture and info to

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