Letter From The Editor - Martin Sandoval No Class

Letter From The Editor Martin Sandoval No Class

I felt like the fight should have ended as I watched in disgust and I imagine so did many fans watching Martin Sandoval of Merced/Oakdale fight at Gladiator Challenge on Sunday November 2, 2008.

Before that fight Martin seemed like a great guy, good personality and a decent fighter but after his immature, unsportsmanlike behavior he is now on my S-List. To describe the situation Martin Sandoval was facing Andy Moreno of The Garage and in the first round there was a pause in the action and what occurred next is what ticked a lot of people off.

Like any other time after resuming the fight most fighters touch gloves as a friendly gesture to each other and a sign of RESPECT. Well this was not like any other time as Martin raised his hand out to Moreno signaling to touch gloves. Moreno, being the respectful fighter that he is, approached and got within inches of Sandoval's glove. Martin, to everyone's surprise, then threw a cheap shot with a huge kick to the head of the un-expecting Moreno. Moments later Moreno injured his knee in an unrelated incident and was unable to continue the fight.

Acts of disrespect such as this is what put the sport of MMA in the wrong side of the media. I hope Martin is taught to understand by his gym that these actions will and should not be tolerated. It is bad enough we have people boycotting fights for their violent nature, we should not be throwing gas in the fire by acting in this nature. Fighters like Sandoval DO NOT belong in this sport and only give it a bad name. You find this type of behavior in street fights but in this sport where many shed blood, sweat and tears to get in the cage and compete, it has no place for it.

So if any of you see Martin Sandoval in the street or at the gym, let him know it was a dirt bag move and a stupid stunt and we can only hope that he recognizes his error and formally apologizes to Andy Moreno and the rest of the MMA world.

Let's try to keep this sport clean and entertaining and it has to start with the people in the cage, the fighters.

Daniel Gil

If any of you would like to respond to this letter, email me at I will gladly post some of your responses and reply to them.

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