Letter From The Editor - Martin Sandoval Part 2

It seems like this "Letter from the Editor" created a lot of noise. Here we thought people only came to the site for our pictures, we thought wrong.

We received a lot of emails for this article about 50/50 down the line. People loved the article and others didn't. I just want to say, to clear the air a bit, is that what I tried to accomplish with this article was to avoid these actions in the future. I love mixed martial arts and like any other sport I want to see a fair match. There were some emails referring to the Joey Cabesas v Moses Lira fight, where Joey came up to Moses, waiting with his hand up signaling to touch gloves, with a superman punch and knocked Lira out. You might ask yourself, where was that article bashing Joey? Well, I was not a part of BM at the time so no article was posted.

Like I said I really wanted to get at the action of the cheap shot and let everyone know that regardless of its intention, whether it is intentional, accidental, caused by nerves or an itch, the action itself is wrong and always will be wrong. I just look at the extreme, what if that kick would have landed and let say, God forbid, that Andy Moreno was knocked unconscious and seriously injured. Everyone would be in agreement that the action was horrible. I just want to rid the sport of any cheating or sucker punches so that we can enjoy the sport for what it is. It sucked that Martin was in the middle of this issue but he was “nervous” and threw the cheap shot.

Martin is a great kid and I have met him before. His teammates have great things to say about him. I am sure the action will not get repeated in the future as he gets more experience inside and outside the cage.

In closing, I would like to say that if I offended anyone I apologize for it, these are my views and that’s how I feel. All we can do is try to make ourselves better than we were the day before.


Editor – BloodyMayhem

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