Letter From The Editor - Bloody Mayhem turns 1Year Old

Letter From the Editor – Daniel Gil

BloodyMayhem Turns 1 Year Old

I do not believe it and I do not think Ivan does either, but BloodyMayhem is officially 1 year old. It has been a wild ride for us and still is but we enjoy every minute of it. Staying up late writing, posting or coding something new for the site, it is all worth it because we get to be front and center for some of the most exciting MMA fights in the world. Granted some of the fights are plain ol’ boring but for the most part they are enjoyable and unforgettable. The people we have met along this adventure had their part in making us want to continue and improve what we do for you the fighter or fan.

As it stands right now we still are the #1 MMA website in the Valley by far, dwarfing our competitors combined in hits and page views. But to be honest it is not about who gets the most hits every month, I feel that it all goes down to how we feel at the end of the day.

Did we do our best? Do we love the work we posted and the opinions given? Have we given 100% of the effort?

I can honestly say we have. It is not hard to be honest and speak our mind or go drive or in some cases ride the motorcycles to some backyard gym to do an interview, when we get a lot of you that come up to us and say you enjoy the website. That’s what truly motivates us to give the best coverage out there, that and we are both huge MMA fans always have been, always will be.

Both Ivan and I work full-time jobs and have many other projects that we have going on at the same time but we manage to publish what we can with the time we have. Everything you see posted on BloodyMayhem is OURS! We wrote it, we took the pictures for it we took the time to drive out to your gym and interview you. Original work, not plagiarized. These other websites in the Valley, 90% of their content (articles and pictures) is not theirs. They do not give credit to where it came from or who took the pics. Just copy a line/sentence from one of their articles and Google that line and you will quickly see that it is not theirs or was not written by them (the original site will show up in Google results).

I just like to say that we are happy where we are and glad that after 1 year of service to the Central Valley MMA community we can proudly say we have done our part and never cheated, everything we have done and will continue to do has been done our way, simple as that.

In the past we had a few haters on what we do or how we do it or even why we do it but all I can say is we try our best to continuously improve ourselves, our site, our videos and to give the best coverage with the most pictures, better fight breakdowns and of course an un-biased opinion on everything going on in the Valley MMA scene. We stand by what we post because it is how we feel, no bullshit, just the way we see it. We are always open to suggestions because we want to strive to be the best and give you guys the best information if you missed a fight or just want to see a few pics of your fight.

In closing, we would love to thank every single person that has visited our website during our first year of operation and especially those that spread the word about BloodyMayhem. There are still many people out there that have not been on or on any local MMA site period, so in order for this sport to continue to strive and excel here in the Valley, spread the word that we exist and have them show up to the next MMA event. BloodyMayhem is 1 year old, 1 year wiser and definitely alive and kicking and looking forward to getting to our 2 year mark. Also, stay tuned for many new exciting features to come on BloodyMayhem.


Your Editor and Friend,

Daniel Gil

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