Letter From The Editor - August 2008

Well, let me first start by introducing what this section is going to be about. “Letter From The Editor” is just that, a letter from me, Daniel. On here I will either vent on some of the things I seen during certain shows or just things going on in MMA that I feel need to be out there and discussed.

On this one I will discuss certain things I saw during this last Gladiator Challenge in Porterville. The incident in discussion happened during the Drake v. Mendez fight. It was of bad taste, when Drake locked in his Triangle Choke, Mendez visibly tapped out and was witnessed by Drake, the crowd and some officials in the area. Drake noticing the tap released the choke as the ref was telling him the fight was over. The ref then asked Robert Mendez if he was ok and if he had tapped and Mendez said, to my surprise, that he did not tap and that the fight should have continued. The sport of MMA is a growing in the valley but can only do so if the fighters are here to fight and win by a legit way and in a respectable way. This is not a street fight and the fighters need to adhere to the rules provided to them, saying you did not tap when it was evident to all of us spectators that you did, was a horrible thing to do and to try to win that way is very un-sportsmanlike and should not go un-noticed.

Now, my next issue came up on an earlier fight between Joey Cabesa and Anthony Avila. In the fight, Cabesa was clearly dominating a fight that left Avila bleeding profusely from the nose and it triggered some fans and family of Avila to yell at Avila’s corner to throw in the towel but his corner wanted Avila to fight through it (maybe because he was show-boating). In times like these it becomes the corner’s and the referee’s responsibility to ensure the safety of both the fighters. Neither side felt the fighter was in danger of serious injury so they did not stop the fight, also the fighter himself could have tapped if he felt like he could not continue or in no way could have won the fight. Late in the second round the fight was stopped by the ref and a “physician” due to the bleeding and Avila agreed with the decision.

After the fight is the biggest issue I had, a few fans were in anger that the fight was not stopped early, so they decided to start a fight outside of the cage. All I say to those fans is: This is an MMA event where two athletes compete to see who the better man is on that day, it is a physical sport and if you can not take watching a fighter, whether it be your family member or friend get beat or hurt then do not go watch the fights. It is that simple. We are all human and will eventually lose a match, to go in as a fan and expect your fighter to win is one thing but to start a fight and get angry when he gets his ass kicked is another. Suck it up, whether you are a father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, best friend or girlfriend, that does not give you the right to throw a fit and act like a child. Act like an adult, be responsible and take the good with the bad.

Daniel Gil


To comment on the letter please go to the forum under the “Letter From The Editor” title. Thanks for reading and understanding that this is my opinion and should be read as the Editor’s opinion. I am sorry for offending anyone during these letters but I feel these issues need to be heard.

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