Lavar Johnson Exclusive!

Father, friend, and fighter are three things that can easily describe Lavar "Big" Johnson, aka, "The Black Superman". I have known Lavar since the days we played "Turkey Bowl" tackle football (no pads) on the Thomas Jefferson Middle School field. I was 14 then and he was 18. A big hitter who feared no one on the field. I once saw him go heads-up with a man about 270 lbs while he was still in high school and they both came running at each other full speed, they hit and all I heard was a loud crash of bodies. Lavar stood over the fallen man and just smirked at him. The guy picked himself up, went to the sidelines, threw up and walked back to his car and never came back to another "Turkey Bowl" game.

lavar johnson after a win Not much has changed since those days, Lavar still knocks his opponents down and stands over them. Although he is a MMA fighter now and this is not a simple game of tackle football, with an impressive record of 12-3 with 11 of those coming by way of knockout or TKO and the other submission by way of strikes, Lavar still puts a big hurt on his opposition. Johnson recently racked up an 18 second 1-punch knockout victory over his latest victim Carl Seumanutafa which was televised on Showtime as Strikeforce's Challenger Series. Lavar was set to fight on the next Strikeforce card this August.

As most of you already know, Lavar Johnson went to a family reunion on the 4th of July to visit his family he has rarely seen. On that day, Lavar was shot twice, once in the stomach and once in the forearm, as did 4 others one of whom past away. The bullet to the stomach went right through but not until it rattled around and did some damage to Lavar's intestines. The bullet in his forearm is and will remain there unless his body begins to reject it.

Ivan and I paid him a visit, where we found a good-spirited and often joking, Lavar. He looked very good for someone in his condition even though he is 25 lbs lighter than his normal 255 lb walk around weight. Lavar lost 3/4 of his blood and had to spend 2 long hard "terrible" weeks at the hospital. He had his intestines spliced in 7 areas, getting his appendix removed and currently having 37 staples where he still carries an open wound in his lower abdomen. Lavar wants to thank God and everyone for their prayers and their help they gave his family because without that he says he would not be here.

A few days ago, he was allowed a solid food diet, but is limited to small amounts in order to avoid stress to his intestines. I asked Lavar what food he craved the most and what his most desired full course meal was, and he responded, "A little bit of everything. I actually have some Menudo (an Hispanic dish) coming to me...I just couldn't take it anymore, lying in the bed watching T.V." Lavar continued to say that the hardest part about his situation is his inability to do anything at the moment.

Lavar moved about the house as we talked and he seemed very comfortable. He has a doctors appointment this week to see how he is healing, but says he just wants to get back into training. However, Lavar's dad has strongly recommended lots of rest and physical recuperation before Lavar even considers any sort of training. Lavar anticipates that he will back in the cage by early next year and hopefully ready for that year's Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship. As we talked, the Brett Rogers vs. Arlovski fight played on T.V. and Lavar in frustration commented, "Man, that's my fight. I should be fighting Brett Rogers." Prior to the incident, Lavar was being touted as the next opponent to Rogers' winning streak, however, that will have to wait for now. At the moment, Lavar's main concerns are eating, resting and recuperating. I asked Lavar if he had anything that he would like to tell his fans and our readers, he light-heartily responded, " Don't visit Bakersfield. It's not like the movies, after you get shot, you can't just get up and run away." But in all seriousness, he said "Thank you for all of your prayers."

Due to this tragic event, Lavar is faced with an overwhelming amount of hospital bills. Therefore, a special fund called the 'Lavar Johnson Recovery Fund', which was created by his close friends and family. Anyone interested in donating their financial support to cope with these bills, please do so by clicking on the Lavar Johnson paypal link on our home page. If you have any questions you can email us or post your question on the forum and we will answer it as quickly as possible.

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