Kid Dynamite - Ready to Explode

“This is one of the hardest working kids out there, shows up trains hard. Hits like a machine. I have to tell him to stop sometimes because he wants to keep on going. He’s one of those kids you like working with,” says trainer Mike Popp of David Espinosa. He looks like a tough kid, very conditioned and I have seen David in a few grappling tournaments before and never seemed to tire. Espinosa known as “Kid Dynamite” for his explosiveness in the cage; grew up as a wrestler from So-Cal who then continued on as a wrestler at UC Davis near Sacramento.

It was at UC Davis where Espinosa became good friends with MMA veteran and WEC Welterweight Champ Urijah Faber, “I used to get into a lot of fights and Urijah told me I should pursue MMA and train with him. So as soon as I got out of my lease I moved in with Urijah for a couple of years” and the rest is history. Espinosa has been training Mixed Martial Arts for about 3 years and takes his training very seriously, no drinking or staying up late 6-7 weeks before fights. David boasts a record of 5-2 with all of his matches coming against great MMA fighters.

David trains at Pacific Martial Arts in Fresno under the tutelage of Mike Popp is expecting a great fight from both David and his undefeated opponent and Cage Combat Bantamweight Champ Rolando “The Machine” Velasco 5-0 out of the Last Stand Fight Team from Oakdale/Merced MMA. “No disrespect to Velasco because he is a great fighter and will be no pushover, but I believe David is a better wrestler and has better Jiu-Jitsu and he hits like a machine.” Regardless of who you are rooting for, be prepared for a great fight. I am predicting this to be the fight of the night and you will not be disappointed, both fighters are tough as nails and love to bang. I hope you bring your popcorn because there definitely will be fireworks.

Special thanks to Mike Popp, Pacific Martial Arts and of course David “Kid Dynamite” Espinosa who made this interview possible on such short notice. Thanks and good luck!

Article By Daniel Gil, Photography by Mike Padilla

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