Jorge Ruiz - A Long Way From Home

Jorge Ruiz discovered the meaning of hard work at an early age. Jorge grew up in a typical Mexican household in Riverside County, where every summer, Christmas, and Easter Break, and let’s not forget the weekends, was dedicated to working in the fields picking fruit or pruning vineyards. By the age of ten, Jorge understood the importance of his hard work and how vital it was to his family’s livelihood. Despite not having a normal childhood, Jorge was able to take a negative situation and turn into something positive for his future.

He was able to carry that same work ethic and toughness into the gym. Ruiz has had a life-long involvement with wrestling, including a stint with the Fresno State wrestling team. Jorge was working as a wrestling coach at Parlier High School, when he first met the Evangelista brothers, who were students at the time. Shortly after the brothers graduated from high school, they had informed Jorge that they were training MMA with Jasper and could use Jorge's help with ground work. Over the years, Ruiz became a great trainer by working alongside Jasper, but he felt a void. Coincidentally, when Jorge was feeling this void, Jasper had offered to train Jorge in order to pursue his MMA fighting career.

Fast forward to today and I am sitting in front of Jorge Ruiz, who is anxiously awaiting his pro debut at this Saturday’s Wargod’s event. “I am excited and ready. I have been training for it for a while. The hard part is almost over and the easy part, the fight, is almost here,” he says enthusiastically. I asked him how he finds time to balance his busy schedule because besides training and work he is married and has 3 beautiful children that need his attention. “It’s difficult but I would not be able to do it if I did not have the support of my wife. She has been very supportive and I love her for that.

My kids train here in the afternoons so it helps with being able to see them and spend more time with them but it’s always difficult.” Its very difficult to be a full-time fighter, work a full-time job and be a full-time parent and husband but many fighters in the sport attempt it, it takes mental toughness and very good time management skills. I commend Jorge Ruiz for all of his hard work and maintaining his crazy schedule without falling behind as a family man. I wish him the best for his fight. We look forward to your career.

If you would like to train with Jorge or the rest of the Buhawe Team, please visit the gym at 6649 Blackstone Avenue Fresno CA.

Article by Daniel Gil
Pictures by Mike Padilla

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