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Rolando "Machine" Velasco - Student, Piano Aficionado, MMA fighter

Rolando Velasco has to be one of the friendliest MMA fighters we have met to date. Velasco works as a high school tutor and is currently a full time student. A biology major with emphasis in genetics and is in the process of transfering to UC Davis. Now if that is not enough to win you over. Inside sources tell us that he is a proficient piano player and on one occasion was late to practice because of a piano recital. Don't let Velasco's friendly demiener let you drop your guard, because he will knock you out. Velasco holds a clean 5-0 record and currently holds two titles. The Palace Fighting Championship Bantamweight Title and the Cage Combat Bantamweight Title.

Defending the thrown - King Art Arcienega

"Do you remember the days at the peak of (Julio César) Chávez career? A lot of families would gather to watch the fights. Well my parents would take me I'd be the only kid watching the fights, glued to the tv. All the other kids would be outside playing, not me. I was there sitting quietly watching the tv. Not just the main event; All the fights" Arciniega speaking about his childhood.

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