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Mike Moreno - El Palo Duro

He comes from a wrestling background that began in the 5th grade and ended with the Fresno City Wrestling Team. Soon after, Moreno followed fellow teammates, Billy and Jorge Evangelista, to train Muay Thai with Jasper, who is Buhawe's head trainer. Before the new training complex was built,Team Buhawe trained at a nearby park and at Gold’s Gym. Buhawe has come a long way, as well as, Mike Moreno. His striking is at its best and his Jiu-Jitsu is only getting stronger especially after a second place finish at the Mundial’s Blue Belt division.

Jacob Jeff - No jackpots, just hard work.

"Well being VP for the PFC is more of a hobby, its fun" Jeff explains "I take care of most of the back office things that need attention. Make sure everything is in its place for the show." "If thats your hobby then what do you call MMA training and now fighting" I ask. "Well I guess I have two hobbies, VP for the PFC and MMA and one job" Jeff replies. "Actually I started training for self defense."

Training with the Project - Jeremy Luchau

"I tell people I train Rocky style and they don't believe me" says Jeremy Luchau, "Some times it gets up to 110 degrees in here" talking about the Barn where he trains. The Barn is simple; bags, concrete, sweat and pain . No AC, no fancy stands, no fancy lights just an old-fashioned gym where you can smell the workouts. On the day that I visited the barn outside the temperature read 92 meaning inside the barn was around 98; hot and humid.

Showdown In The Valley - Phil The Pain Collins

Phil looked crisp working the pads with Parga and says the Rhino should not be taking him lightly. Collins insisted we quoted him saying, “The Rhino said he was going to give me a Central Valley ass-whooping but Merced is closer to being the center of the Valley so I will be giving him the ass-whooping.”

The Rhino's Return To His Backyard

Its 105 degrees outside and the inside Pacific Martial Arts it feels about the same if not hotter. Mike and I walk in to find Doug “the Rhino” Marshall, working on his striking and defense as his trainer Mike Popp’s looks on.

"Just" Mike Martinez - Interview

Lemoore favorite Mike Martinez or "Just" Mike Martinez as many know him is one of the many fighters out of Team Ochoa. Mike is a 23 year old striker from Lemoore California. An athlete his whole life, Mike was looking for something to fill the void in his life after joining the work force. A friend introduced him to "Poppies" Martinez and Team Ochoa and the rest is history. That was in August of 2006.

Billy Evangelista's Big Test

Billy Evangelista will be no walk over as he too has been in a few battles and has always managed to come out victorious. Evangelista has a background in wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, and a strong Muay Thai background. Evangelista prefers a stand-up fight so this will make for a very exciting fight for all fans. But, let’s not forget that Phan’s last few fights proved that his stand-up fighting is a force to be wreckin with.

Elvis Franco - Team Ochoa

"Its an independent sport. Its just you in there (ring), no one else." Franco discussing what he enjoys most about MMA. "You can box, kick, and wrestle. Its not one dimensional."

One Pear At A time - Jorge Evangelista - Team Buhawe

Bloody Mayhem met up with PFC’s 145 lb champion Jorge Evangelista in his home away from home the Buhawe training center. We discussed his recent battle with Art Arcienega where he staked his claim as the featherweight champ and also on how he came to the mixed martial art world.

Men Behind The Glory - Tom Theofanopoulos

Tom Theofanopoulos is the founder of Oakdale MMA one of the homes of the last stand fight team.Tom has been involved with Kajukenbo for more than 30 years, and holds a eighth degree professorship title red and black belt. Kajukenbo is considered to be one of the first martial arts known to man. "I was born in Greece from the Sparta/Corinth area. When I first started learning about martial arts." Tom said. "I always had a fascination with Greek martial arts of pancration wrestling and boxing. So I think in my heart of hearts I always wanted to participate in those types of events. So when MMA came around and got real popular, I felt that it was a resurgence of those arts rebirthing all over again." Tom explains.

Men Behind The Glory - Ralph Parga

Some people say that good fighters are born. Others might say that great fighters are made. One thing is certain; great trainers make great fighters. Ralph Parga is a Boxing and conditioning trainer for the Last Stand Fight Team. While Tom Theofonopolus is helping fighters with their ground game, Ralph is helping them with their striking and conditioning.

Before the fight - Bushido Kid

"My mom was probably my first sensei; I would dress up like a ninja and spar with her. " Smitley says "She's very supportive of anything we do."
Its no secret that having a great family foundation will take you further in life and Smitley's foundation is rock solid. With the loving support of his mother; who is also supportive of not one but three MMA fighters Bad Brad (15) Michael (17) and of course Justin "Bushido Kid" Smitley (22).

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