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Justin Bushido Kid Smitley - Training Session

Merced MMA - Bushido Kid as he prepares to face Issac De Jesus in a few weeks at Dead Mans Hand.

Video Interview: Pre-Fight BJ Lacy

BJ Lacy - PureCombat and Wargod's veteran talks about his upcoming bout with Jaime Jara.

Video Interview: Pre-Fight Jaime Jara

Jaime Jara - Team Carnage - PureCombat Champion speaks of his upcoming fight with BJ Lacy.

Brandon Miller - Training Session

Brandon Miller as he prepares to challenge Shawn Klarcyk for the PFC World Bantamweight title. Full Story Inside

The Garage Training Session - Pictures

This Friday's PFC 10 card is very stacked with great fighters and match-ups and we were able to interview a few of them. On our first motorcycle trip last week we went out toThe Garage in Porterville, where trainer Paul Estrada teaches some of the sickest ground submissions I have ever seen.

Dirty Fighting with Greg Harper

Every fighter needs to build a base of every art, wrestling, boxing, jiu-jitsu, kenpo, karate and just about anything else that is available. Not everyone's trainer knows how to put these things together, that"s where a "Kaji" guy comes in and shows the fighter how to combine and apply all of these arts and use them to fight, says Harper. In a cage or on the street, Kajukenbo is a mixed martial art that should be taken seriously.

Kid Dynamite - Ready to Explode

This is one of the hardest working kids out there, shows up trains hard. Hits like a machine. I have to tell him to stop sometimes because he wants to keep on going. He's one of those kids you like working with, says trainer Mike Popp of David Espinosa.

Phil "The Pain" Collins - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Well, that part about me not wanting to fight him is not true, I want to let him know that I will fight him Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere. If any promoter is willing to pick up this fight and watch him lose, I have no problem choking him out and making him pass out. We were supposed to fight earlier in the year but they didn’t want to pay me. They wanted me to sell tickets to make up for the small purse I was to receive. I have no problem fighting the guy but I at least have to make a living. To be honest, I don’t think he is that good. I have no problem tapping out a wrestler. If the fight ever happens at 185lbs., he will probably try to take me down like the last time and I will choke him out again.

Alijah Reni - David vs Goliath - Small Q and A

If you haven't heard of Alijah Reni (4-1) the MMA fighter, get ready to put him on your list. Reni is coming off of a huge win in a true David and Goliath match when he faced heavy favorite Lavar Johnson at Wargods on July 26 at the Fresno Convention Center. Giving up 37 pounds to his opponent, Reni was coming in as the big underdog and into an arena filled with Lavar Johnson fans. To talk about his thoughts on the fight, I caught up with Alijah Reni via a phone conversation regarding his fight:

Bushido Kid's - Fighters Thoughts

I look over at the belt, sitting at ringside, that we're fighting for and get an adrenaline rush. The ref asks me "Are you ready?!" I nod my head "yes".

.. "Fight!!"

The Return of The Black Superman - Lavar Johnson

Lavar Johnson is one of the toughest heavy weights to come out of the Central Valley. From Madera, California, this 6'2" beast of a man known as, "The Black Superman" or Lavar "Big" Johnson, has stunned opponents with his heavy hands and decapitating uppercuts. Johnson began his fighting career with the Tough Man competition. It was at a friends house where Johnson heard a radio commercial that was advertising the Tough Man event. Johnson had turned to his friend sitting next to him and asked him, "Do you think I should do that?" Five minutes later he hung up the phone and said to his friend, "I fight next week." Five months after his Tough Man debut and conquering all his bouts by knock out, he is an MMA fighter. His first MMA bout was against Doug "The Rhino" Marshall. "I didn't train for that fight," Lavar said. Just like he did not train for his Tough Man fights, but he still managed to win. "The only thing I would do was hit the bag," said Johnson.

Jorge Ruiz - A Long Way From Home

Jorge Ruiz discovered the meaning of hard work at an early age. Jorge grew up in a typical Mexican household in Riverside County, where every summer, Christmas, and Easter Break, and let’s not forget the weekends, was dedicated to working in the fields picking fruit or pruning vineyards. By the age of ten, Jorge understood the importance of his hard work and how vital it was to his family’s livelihood. Despite not having a normal childhood, Jorge was able to take a negative situation and turn into something positive for his future.

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