Gladiator Challenge - Day of The Dead Results and Pics

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    Austin Achorn v Shane Christie

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    Esteban Leballos v Ed Montoya

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    Placido Beimudez v TJ Williams

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    Rhonda Williams vs Antoinette Hunter

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    Nick Roderick vs Nick Montgomery

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    Justin Hand vs Jorge Lonelly

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    Brad McDonald vs Rob Whitlock

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    JJ Amaro vs Bubba Diaz

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    Eric Jacob vs Paul Estrada

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    Billy McClour vs Mitchell Wykoff

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    Alejandro Bautista vs Matt Blake

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    Anthony Vargas vs Angel Deanda

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    Mauricio Mejia vs Jose Diaz

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    Marc De La Cruz vs Billy Terry

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    Augie Garcia vs Rick Guillen

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    Andy Moreno vs Martin Sandoval

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    Jacob Jeff v Dillon Keeney

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    Randy Rodini vs Michael McDonald

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    Joe Soto vs Anthony Luna

After 7 years of bringing action packed MMA fights to the Eagle Mountain Casino, Gladiator Challenge brought its last show to Porterville. We would like to take this time to thank Ted and the rest of the GC crew for giving us a lot of great fights, they will be missed. Eagle Mountain Casino will begin to have their own shows starting with their first on January 15, 2009. Stay tuned for more on that show later down the road.

In its last show GC provided 19 exceptional bouts that also included one women’s fight that had the entire venue up on its feet at the sound of the last bell.

Austin Achorn v Shane Christie

In a very strange fight, Shane Christie was disqualified for not listening to ref Herb Dean and continued to use illegal elbows as well as other strikes to the back of Austin Achorn’s head. Achorn was declared the winner at 1:48 into the second round.

Esteban Leballanos v Ed Montoya

Ed Montoya won both rounds to win the fight by majority decision over Esteban Leballanos.

Placido Beimudez v TJ Williams

TJ Williams wins by decision over Placido Beimudez.

Rhonda Williams v Antoinette Hunter

In one of the most exciting fights of the night, Antoinette Hunter won by decision in this thriller bout over Rhonda “The Cowgirl” Williams. Both fighters never gave up and gave the crowd two 5 minute rounds of non-stop action. These girls gave it their all and either one of them could have come out the winner. Antoinette connected more punches in the final 2 minutes of the last round and was declared the winner. Congratulations to both fighters and I would gladly see them duke it out again or face any other competitors.

Nick Roderick v Nick Montgomery

Both Nick’s gave a very explosive fight going back and forth throughout the first round. Both fighters were going for the one-hitter quitter as wide haymakers were flying the entire fight. At 4:22 of the first round both fighters clinched and Nick Roderick was able to lock in a guillotine choke to win the fight.

Justin “Wolfgang” Hand v Jorge Lonelly

Jorge Lonelly dished out some good striking against a never-quitting Justin Hand. Both fighters exchanged blows but it was Jorge Lonelly that had the advantage. Lonelly was able to take Justin down in the second round, mounted him and let loose some his ground and pound to end the fight. The ref stopped the bout at 4:00 into the second round, Jorge Lonelly declared the winner by T.K.O.

Brad McDonald v Rob Whitlock

In what seemed to be a one-sided fight, Brad McDonald of the Last Stand Fight team attempted three arm bars in the first round until he finally ended the fight with a triangle choke at 1:55 into the first round over a tough Rob Whitlock from The Cave fight team.

JJ Amaro v Bubba Diaz

In one of the two heavyweight fights of the night, JJ Amaro of Madera and Bubba Diaz gave the fans a good 1 minute and 45 seconds of non-stop action. It was until Bubba landed a knee to Amaro head that the ref stopped the bout. JJ Amaro suffered a nasty gash to the top of his forehead that looked like it needed some immediate attention. Bubba Diaz of Team Buhawe won by T.K.O.

Eric Jacob v Paul Estrada

Paul Estrada of The Garage in Porterville made his return to the cage after a long hiatus. Paul has not had a fight since July 17, 2005 and improved to 3-0 as he defeated a well-trained opponent in Eric Jacob. It only took Estrada 2:04 in the first round to submit Jacobs with a rear naked choke. The fight seemed to be over before the choke as Estrada had what seemed to be a good toe-hold cinched on Jacob but the Eric being the fighter that he is did not tap. “I heard his leg pop like three times and was sure he was going to tap”, said a surprised Estrada, “I am sure he will be feeling that tomorrow.” Shortly after the toe-hold Estrada made quick work and got in the rear naked choke.

Billy McClour v Mitchell Wykoff

Mitchell Wykoff made good use of his reach advantage by out-striking Billy McClour. Wykoff used his long reach to setup the takedown that eventually got him the win. After the takedown Mitchell used some well placed knees to mount McClour and unleashed some great strikes that forced the ref to call the fight at 1:41 into the first round.

Alejandro Bautista v Matt Blake

In a quick fight, Alejandro Bautista made quick work of his opponent Matt Blake. Bautista shot in for the immediate takedown and then transitioned over to a full-mount. A few punches later Matt Blake gave up his back and Bautista let loose a relentless attack and won by T.K.O. at 1:00 into the fight.

Angel Deanda v Anthony Vargas

In another fast fight, Angel Deanda of the Last Stand Fight Team and Anthony Vargas faced off. Both fighters came out swinging for the fences and Deanda landed with a huge right hand that dropped Vargas to the canvas. Angel jumped on his wounded opponent and a few strikes later the fight was stopped at 42 seconds into the fight.

Jose Diaz v Mauricio Mejia

In a great fight of back and forth action Mauricio Mejia won the decision of Jose Diaz. Both fighters came out wanting the “W” but only Mejia was able to walk away with it by dominating the last half of the final round.

Billy Terry v Marc De La Cruz

Experienced fighter and a Brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu, Marc De La Cruz of the Samurai Dojo did not need his “jits” background as he dominated this fight and won by T.K.O. after mounting Billy Terry at 1:59 into the first round.

Rick Guillen v Augie Garcia

In this fight between 185lbers Augie Garcia and Rick Guillen, the winner needed only 1:57 to take the fight. Rick Guillen started off the fight throwing some stiff punches and taking and early lead in the fight. But Augie kept his cool and was able to get a takedown on Garcia and work in a choke. The fight ended with a guillotine choke as Rick Guillen tapped.

Andy Moreno v Martin Sandoval

Andy Moreno of The Garage is unable to continue due to an injury to his leg. Moreno dislocated his knee during the fight and was forced to a verbal tap out. Let’s hope he gets better.

Jacob Jeff v Dillon Keeney

In what had to be the most exciting fight of the night, Jacob Jeff squared off against Dillon Keeney. Jacob and Dillon both exchanged strikes in the first round giving the fans much to cheer about. Late in the first Jeff cut Dillon above the left eye and left him with a good size mouse underneath it as well. In the second round, a “never say quit” Keeney took everything that Jeff could throw at him and some. At times it seemed liked the fight should have been stopped but Dillon Keeney still kept on fighting back. Not wanting to go to the scorecards Jacob Jeff finally found a submission at 4:57 into the final round. With 3 seconds left Keeney tapped due to a guillotine choke.

Michael McDonald v Randy Rodini

Both Randy Rodini and Michael McDonald come out swinging catching each other with some great shots. Randy went in for the early submission with a guillotine but McDonald was able to escape and stood back up. Both fighters went in exchanging punches but it was Michael’s strikes that connected early and hard as he knocked out Randy Rodini against the cage at 47 seconds into the fight.

Anthony Luna v Joe Soto

The main event of the evening was also the shortest bout of the night. Joe Soto of The Garage went in for the early takedown against Anthony “The Lunatic” Luna and followed suit with a kimura that made Luna tap at 33 seconds into the fight. Congrats to Soto for improving on his unblemished record.

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