Gladiator Challenge - Bad Blood Results

On an exciting night of fighting that included 20 bouts, yes I said 20, fans were treated to quick knockouts, beautiful technical submissions and crowd pleasing strikes. I was fairly impressed with Gladiator Challenge this time around, every time they seem to push the envelope on the number of fights one can have on a card and the time it takes to go through them. In a little over 3 hours all 20 fights scheduled on the card were over and done with, I can not wait to see what Ted Williams and company has in store for us on the next Gladiator Challenge at Eagle Mountain Casino (although rumors have it they might not be returning to Eagle Mountain in the near future).

Stan Dressler vs Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz cuts Dressler early in the bout then follows up with a flurry of punches that Stan could not handle. This sent Dressler to the ground wanting to end the fight; the ref stopped the bout at 2:49 in the first round. After the loss, Stan Dressler showed some poor sportsmanship by walking up to Diaz, Michael expecting a traditional congratulatory handshake or nod from Dressler, and giving him a huge head butt out of anger. If you can not handle a loss in this or any sport for that matter, do not participate. Train harder next time or quit but do not go and head butt the guy that just kicked your ass.

Pedro Mercado vs Israel Amescua
Pedro Mercado earned the quickest knockout of the night by dropping Israel Amescua 6 seconds into the fight.

Robert Gonzalez vs Barney Garfield
Robert Gonzalez defeats Barney Garfield by T.K.O. 33 seconds into the first round

Alvin Peyron vs Rafael Gudino
Alvin Peyron wins by Guillotine Choke 1:58 into the first round.

Rob Whitlock vs Randy Rodini
Randy wins the fight by guillotine choke at 4:27 into the first round. Rob Whitlock was dominating the entire round but made one mistake that Randy capitalized on.

Bryant Munoz vs Javier Cervantes
In some good back and forth action, Javier Cervantes pulls out his first win by T.K.O. in the first round in 2:49.

John Fuller vs Rick Guillen
John Fuller wins by T.K.O. with some ground and pound at 2:17 in the first round.

Rophane Huan vs Johnny Marez
Johnny Marez wins by guillotine choke at 1:43 in the first round. Both fighters gave each other low blows during the fight.

Maurice Meijia vs Dillon Keane
Maurice Meijia uses some good takedowns on Dillon to ground and pound his way into a victory. Maurice is the winner by T.K.O. at 3:43 in the first round.

Robert Mendes vs Art Becerra
In what was one of the fights of the night, Art Becerra counterpunched his way to victory against a known heavy hitter Robert Mendes. Both fighters went back and forth in the fight but it seemed like Becerra’s shots were the ones landing a bit cleaner. Robert Mendes used his takedowns to slow Becerra down but was unable to improve his position from the ground and was forced to stand back up every time. In the second round too many of Becerra’s punches were connecting and Mendes dropped to the ground too beat and too tired to continue on with the fight. Art Becerra won the fight by T.K.O. at 4:12 in the second round.

Brandon Lorenz vs Jimmy Ramirez
Jimmy Ramirez wins by guillotine choke at 3:52 of the first round. Brandon seemed to be winning the fight when he was caught by the choke from the side-mount position.

Justin Cummings vs Mitchell Wykobb
In a very exciting fight both Justin Cummings and Mitchell Wykobb do considerable damage on each other. It seemed like either fighter could take the win and Justin Cummings was that fighter tonight by getting a takedown late in the second round and locking in a triangle choke that Wykobb could not escape from. Justin wins by tapout 4:06 in the second round.

Mike Ruiz vs Rafael Wittington
Rafael Wittington wins by T.K.O. 1:49 into the first round as he ground and pounded his opponent Mike Ruiz once he got the full mount.

Joe Rodriguez vs Jesse Sherman
In the only fight of the night to go to the judges, Jesse Sherman won by unanimous decision 30-29 on all three of the judges cards.

Tony Llamas vs Jared Saenz
Tony Llamas made quick work of Jared Saenz by ducking one of Saenz’ first punches and working in a guillotine choke. Saenz unable to escape taps out 22 seconds into the fight.

Fernando Arreola vs Michael McDonald
Fernando Arreola wanting to set himself apart from the crowd of 135 lbers came in with the intention to do so on this night. Arreola immediately took Michael McDonald down with a very tight guillotine choke that looked to almost end the fight. After a couple minutes of struggle McDonald was able to escape the choke and attempt a guillotine of his own. After Fernando got loose Michael attempted an arm triangle submission then followed up with a triangle choke that proved too strong for Fernando Arreola. Michael McDonald won the fight at 3:49 of the first round by tapout.

Steve Ramirez vs Steve Grayes
Steve Ramirez submits Steve Grayes with a guillotine choke at 1:06 in the first round.

Pete Herrera vs Justin Hand
Pete Herrera defeats Justin Hand with a rear naked choke 1:35 into the first round.

Dustin Arden vs Chris Solomon
Dustin “Rooster” Arden made quick work of his opponent Chris Solomon ending the fight with a standing guillotine choke. Arden after the fight wanted more action and was disappointed at his opponent’s efforts. All I have to say to Dustin is: Start asking for better equipped opponents.

Dave Huckaba vs Rob Jackson
The last fight of the night almost ended in a huge upset as Rob Jackson needed to survive just one more round to be crowned the new Gladiator Challenge Heavyweight Champion. In a fight that had both fighters beating the crap out of each other, only one man could end up on top. Jackson won rounds 1, 3, and 4 on my scorecard by ground and pounding current champion Huckaba. Huckaba won the 2 round with his long reach and big wide hooks. But it was the last 15 seconds of the fourth round the made the difference in the fight, Huckaba ended the round with a flurry of punches followed up by some big knees that got the crowd up on its feet. With the crowd roaring the end of the round bell rang but the ref was unable to hear it thus allowing Huckaba to land 2 additional knees to Jacksons head causing major damage. Continuing on how he ended the previous round, Dave opened up with a series of strikes followed up by a huge knee that broke Rob Jackson’s nose causing blood to flow profusely from the orifice. Cecil Peoples called a timeout in the bout and had the doctor check the injury and as a result the fight was stopped. Dave Huckaba escaped a disastrous fight and is still the Gladiator Challenge Heavyweight Champ. Huckaba wins 18 seconds in round number 5. Let’s hope Dave is better prepared on his next match because the opponents are only going to get tougher.

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