FightQuest Battlegrounds Pics and Results

Mike Cook vs Warpath
Warpath is declared the winner after a three round battle. Both fighters came out swinging but it was Warpath that landed cleaner, better punches.

Billy Terry vs Preston Scharf
Scharf takes the fight after working Terry to the ground and eventually sinking in a triangle choke at 2:12 into the first.

Justin Cummings vs David Rasouli
Justin Cummings made quick work of his opponent David Rasouli tapping him out at 31 seconds into the fight.

Ray Moroyoqui vs Beau King
Beau King landed a nice right hand that dropped Moroyoqui to the ground then he followed it up with some ground and pound. The fight was stopped 50 seconds into the fight.

James Johnson vs Hussain Rasouli
Rasouli came out the victor in this three round fight. Johnson got in some good body shots but they werent enough to take the win.

Terry Cook vs Brandon Banda
Terry Cook had no answer for Banda's kicks which kept Cook away most of the fight until Brandon landed a right that dropped Cook in the second round. The fight was stopped following some ground and pound at 2:28 into the second round.

Van Palacio vs Sebastion Rodriguez
A very slow fight. Palacio declared the winner after three rounds of (slow) action.

Mitchell Wykoff vs Federico Lopez
Federico Lopez goes to 3-0 after defeating Mitchell very early in the first round. Lopez caught Wykoff early in the fight and after failing to respond to the ref after being asked if he was ok to continue, the fight was stopped.

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