Disturbing The Peace Fight Results

After a few fights falling off, we ended up with only 7 bouts at Fresno's Disturbing The Peace, which was promoted by Rick Mirigian and Jason Weiner.

Even though we had a short card, there were great performances by San Jose's Adam Antolin, Madera's Zoila Frausto and Fresno's Cole Escovedo.

What a night of fighting it was. Adam Schortz started off the night with a rear naked choke victory over his opponent Dominic Pena at 1:46 into the second round. Schortz, a pro-debut, earned his first victory by keeping busy in the first round and the submitting his opponent in the second.

Adam Antolin and Anthony Perales, two of the states up-and-coming stars in the 125 lb division gave the fans something to cheer about with their non-stop action. I love watching the little guys go at it because it seems as though they never get tired. The fight came to an end in the second round after Antolin sunk in a rear naked choke at 2:38 in the second round. Anthony seemed to be dominating with his stand-up but Adams ground game proved to be superior in this flyweight battle.

In the first decision of the night and certainly not the last, Justin Wilcox was able to adjust to Moses Baca's unorthodox fighting style. Wilcox won a unanimous decision by landing more strikes than his opponent in every round.

Fan favorite Zoila Frausto showed some great improvement from her pro-debut with a mix of punches, kicks and good defensive ground game. Zoila won rounds 1 and 2 and dropped her opponent in the 2nd with a big right, Frausto pulled off a 29-28 win over her opponent Sarah Boyd.

Ben Holscher and Jack Cummings seemed to be getting into a little groove by giving us a little of everything in the first round with punches, kicks, submission attempts, slams and some great sweeps but it all had to come to an abrupt end after Cummings suffered a knee injury in the end of the round and could not continue. Holscher got the win an improved to 3-0. I would definitely love to see a rematch between these to guys.

The new and improved Cole Escovedo, former WEC champ, had his hands full with a more than ready opponent in Tyler Weathers. Tyler who took the fight in a few weeks notice showed signs of victory in this fight having Escovedo on his back most of the bout. True, Cole, one of the last pure Jiu Jitsu guys in the Valley, loves working from his back but Weathers thwarted every submission attempt that "The Apache Kid" threw at him, which included multiple guillotines, triangles, armbars and at one point a gogoplata. My hats off to Tyler for a great performance but in the end, all of Escovedo's activity from his back earned him enough points to win the fight by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

In what seemed to be another rough night in Fresno for Tapout's Matt Major, he was able to pull off a split decision victory over Marcus Gaines who stepped in this week to take the fight. Major had a tough fight against Shonie Carter at Rumble in the Park last year. The fight went back and forth with both fighters stunning their opponents at various times in the fight. In the end, Matt won 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

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