.. "Fight!!"



Bushido Kid's Thoughts Of The Title Fight.

GC Belt Bushido Kid Picture


When Promoter Richard Goodman told me I was fighting for the Gladiator Challenge Featherweight world title, I was so excited and couldn't sleep that night. I kept thinking of who he was going to get for me to fight for the belt, since the featherweight world title was vacant since Urijah Faber left to WEC. Not that I was worried about who my opponent was, but just realy curious on who Mr. Goodman would find for me.

Then about a week later I heard I was fighting Sergio Cortez, a really tough brawler fighter, who has knocked out a few guys, and is very wild. The first thought that came throw my mind was "O My god, this is a perfect style matchup for me." I love fighting brawlers cause my striking is so technical, perfect for a brawler. So i started working out with guys at our gym who were also brawlers.

Mostly Darrell Smith, Briant "Kaos" Munoz, and also my youngest brother "Bad" Brad who is the craziest brawler i know! Since i've seen Sergio Cortez fight 3 times, I knew that I was the more skilled fighter. So I focused this fight mostly all on strength training and explosive power lifting, which is all courtesy of my coach, Tom Theofanopoulos, who helped me every day in training of the six weeks for this fight.

Day of the Fight

Since I was the main event, I had 3 of my teammates fighting before me, who all won in the first round. Briant "Kaos" Munoz, and Bill Theofanopoulos, and my other younger brother Michael "Mayday" McDonald. So I was very motivated, but at the same time I felt as if all the pressure was on me to finish the night with a victory and take the belt back to the Last Stand Fight Team.

They call my opponent out first. When I came out to this fight, part of my strategy was to make my opponent stand and stike with me, since I knew I could get the knock out. So I came out with my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi and my Purple belt to make him think twice about taking me down.

I look over at the belt, sitting at ringside, that we're fighting for and get an adrenaline rush. The ref asks me "Are you ready?!" I nod my head "yes".

.. "Fight!!"

I didnt wanna touch my opponent's gloves just in case he pulled a sneaky move, so we slowly get closer, and closer then when we got in striking distance, I made sure I struck first! I throw a hard right hand that lands clean on his jaw, which I know hurt him, so I throw a head kick, which missed because he moved back. For some reason I seen in his eyes that he didnt want to brawl with me like I thought he would. So I wanted to wait to see his reaction on what he would do. He then throws a jab which I very easily block. Then I throw a hard leg kick, which he caught and charged me backwards into his corner, and lands in my guard.

I then thought in my head "Damn.... my plan didnt work..." I really wanted to knock him out... Oh well... another submission I guess... So then I grab an arm. Even though he was defending it well, I still manage to pull off the armbar. I then knew I had to break it, cause Cortez is a very tough opponent. I then hear my corner remind me... "YOU HAVE TO BREAK IT! YOU HAVE TO BREAK IT!" So I put all of my hips and legs into it and arch back. I hear about eight crunches and a couple pops from his elbow, and he taps out in 37 seconds of the first round. "Holy Shit.... Did that just happen?! I was expecting a war... Am i really the champ???...... Yep... It really happened"

Last Stand After Victory

Bushido Kids Parents

Last Stand Victories Slightly Different (Picture Note: I wanted to make sure everyone got some love; and not get blocked out in the picture. Smiliar but different.)

Article by Bushido Kid himself
Pictures by Ivan Diaz

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