Bring on the pasta the Mac'n Cheese

(Editor's Note: Jeremy Luchau has been a journalist for 10 years and over the last four years wrote a column chronicling his training to become a mixed martial artist. This is the fourth Volume of the Writer to Fighter series)

By Jeremy Luchau

Training was reaching a frenzy and my body was starting to turn the corner.

I was getting ready for WarFair at the Kings County Fair in Hanford, Calif. on July 16.

I was preparing for a lightweight war with Carlos De Soto.

Then came a text on the sidekick, “Bro, sorry I did everything I could, but the show at the fair has been canceled.”


This isn’t something that I’m used to at all. My first two fights at the Palace Fighting Championship at Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Lemoore, Calif. were locks.

And now it’s decisions, decisions time.

I don’t know what direction to head in really. I know that I still want to fight and I have that fire inside me, but I’m not sure when and where it’s possible.

Obviously the PFC is out, as I’m a full time employee at the Palace and can no longer fight for the PFC.

So it leaves me few options.

There were rumors of Cage Combat doing a show at the Tulare Fair in September and there’s also some other possibilities.

So really, the last couple weeks I didn’t train too much and I went on a food binge, eating everything in sight.

I went through a week of frustration and depression. I was really looking forward to fighting in Hanford, in front of friends and family and I wanted to make a statement.

By no means will I quit, that thought never entered my mind.

But it’s a tough thing when you’re training so hard, eating clean and going through everything that a fighter does in preparation for a fight just for it to be canceled six weeks before show time.

Then this last week as I started to roll around again the frustration and depression went away and I could focus again.

I’m not sure how frequent my blogs will come now, but rest assured I’m going to be working hard.

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