Brandon Miller - Training Session

Preparing for the biggest fight in his young career, Brandon Miller is not taking shortcuts. Brandon fighting out of Kings Knights in Tulare has been training full-time 6-8 hours a day. "I got the opportunity to train full-time so I am taking full advantage of it. My cardio is a lot better than before and I can't wait till the fight this Friday," said Miller.

When we arrived at the gym where Brandon trains, he was giving words of encouragement to a young kid, no older than 13 years old, hitting the bags. "The kids are the future of the sport," said Miller, "that kid there has more heart than most guys that come and train here." The gym is run out of the trainers garage, "Chino" aMuay Thai expert has the floor of his garage covered in mats with a few heavy bags laying around. That's all a fighter needs, that and the will and heart to out work anyone in the gym.

Brandon gets his conditioning and striking from Chino and also goes to a regular gym to improve his strength. "I lost my job a few months ago, I used that as a motivator to train full-time and take my training to the next level." Brandon will need all the training he can get when he faces the PFC World Bantamweight Champ Shawn Klarcyk at PFC 10 in what is set to be the co-main event bout.

I asked B.Miller how he got this fight since many believed others should have got the opportunity for the title. "I was just at the right place. Actually I was standing in line for a beer at the last PFC event, when I saw Christian (Printup) and asked him if he had any fights available. To my surprise he said he was working on the Klarcyk fight then proceeded to ask if I wanted to fight him for the title. I jumped on the opportunity."

This is B.Millers chance to prove himself in the 135 pound weight class that is stacked with some great fighters from the valley. With a record of 3-2 the odds are against Miller who is facing a more experienced Klarcyk who stands at a solid 9-2. "I have been working on my ground game a lot more and have a great leg lock defense. I believe my ground game is as good if not betters than Shawn."Klarcyk coming out of the "Garage" in Porterville where the fighters are known for their submissions on the ground will probably want to get off his feet very early in the round. "I hope he stands with me, I would like to knock him out. But if hedoesn't I would love to end the fight using one of his trademark submissions or just pound him on the ground."

Regardless on how this fight ends, we are all in for a treat. Both of these fighters have a great heart and the fight of warriors, I have no doubt in my mind this fight will be one of the best of the night.

If you still don't have them its not too late to purchase tickets to PFC 10, visit or call the Tachi Palace or see Aaron at MMA Elite Apparel in Fresno (see our link to his site).

Article by Daniel Gil

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