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Michael "Mayday" McDonald: Phenom?

With a 7-0 record and all 7 wins in the 1st round, can Michael "Mayday" McDonald make it 8-0 this Friday at PFC 13 when he faces "The Apache Kid" aka "Coleman" Cole Escovedo?

Cole Escovedo: Comeback or Extended Leave?

Regardless of what people will say, Cole Escovedo is a new fighter with years of experience. Watch his video talking about his training, his break and his up-coming fight against Michael McDonald at PFC 13.

Jason Von Flue Pre-Fight Backyard Brawl Video Interview

Jason Von Flue Discusses his upcoming bout against Steve Ramirez tonight at PureCombats Backyard Brawl

Anthony Perales Video Interview

Anthony Perales talks about his bout agains Jesus Castro at Pure Combat's Backyard Brawl this Saturday night at the Tulare Ag Center

John Michael Reedy Pre-Fight Backyard Brawl Video Interview

John Michael Reedy talks about his upcoming bout at Pure Combat's Backyard Brawl this Saturday March 7

Bushido Kid Video Interview Pre-Fight Warriors Cage 2

Bushido Kid discusses his upcoming bout with De Jesus

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