Alijah Reni - David vs Goliath - Small Q and A

If you haven't heard of Alijah Reni (4-1) the MMA fighter, get ready to put him on your list. Reni is coming off of a huge win in a true David and Goliath match when he faced heavy favorite Lavar Johnson at Wargods on July 26 at the Fresno Convention Center. Giving up 37 pounds to his opponent, Reni was coming in as the big underdog and into an arena filled with Lavar Johnson fans. To talk about his thoughts on the fight, I caught up with Alijah Reni via a phone conversation regarding his fight:

Bloodymayhem: How is your day coming along?
Alijah: Pretty good, its hot. How how is it in Madera?

Bloodymayhem: Like 104.
Alijah: Well I dont think its that hot here but it sure feels like it.

Bloodymayhem: Wow, incredible win last Saturday.
Alijah: Thank you.

Bloodymayhem: Arent you normally a fight Middleweight fighter?
Alijah: Yeap, I'll fight anyone anytime so when they called me about this fight (against Lavar) I said lets do it.

Bloodymayhem: What did you weigh in at?
Alijah: 210lbs

Bloodymayhem: If I am not mistaken I believe Lavar weighed in at 243.
Alijah: 247lbs, its a big difference.

Bloodymayhem: With Lavar weighing in 37 pounds over you what was your game plan?
Alijah: Simple stay away from Lavar's power, take him down, ground and pound just how it happened.

Bloodymayhem: During the weigh-ins there was a lot of trash talking going on, including one individual yelling "I hope you have health insurance." Did that discourage you?
Alijah: No not at all, actually it encouraged me more for that fight. Not everyone knows me here but everyone that does knew how that fight was going to go down. Lavar kept it cool, he never got involved in the trash talking.

Bloodymayhem: Truely an underdog victory. How did you get into the sport of MMA?
Alijah: Well I wreslted all through high school and college. Where I became a All-American in Greco-Roman. So I guess I just walked into it.

Bloodymayhem: I heard through the grape vines you faught in Mexico. Is that true?
Alijah: I had one fight before I had heard of MMA. It was when I was 19 and it was declared a no contest.

Bloodymayhem: Your record is 4-1 with one loss to Phil "The Pain" Collins; Rematch?
Alijah: That fight was short notice before I started training. I was working contruction at the time. I showed up at the weigh-ins and took that fight. I gassed out and lost. After that loss I started taking my training seriously. I was to fight Phil at PureCombat May 9 but he made it clear he didnt want to fight me again. I would love a rematch but it doesnt look like it going to happen.

Bloodymayhem: Thank you very much for taking the to talk to us here at
Alijah: Alright bro; take care.

Pictures and Q&A by Ivan Diaz

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